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Delicious but expensive


I love good coffee, and this site definitely has quality coffee. I have enjoyed the seasonal coffees as well as the syrups that they offer. But they are also quite expensive. I don't mind splurging on rare occasions on this site, but it is too expensive to shop on consistently. Product Selection Some of the seasonal flavors are flavors that would be enjoyable year around. It would be nice to get them all year, and I bet that they would make more money off of them if they were available all the time. But the year around flavors also have a pretty good variety. Although they don't sell K-cups, the bagged coffee can be used in the special filter, so they do provide versatility. Their syrup flavors are great, particularly their Irish Cream. Product Pricing The high prices, particularly for bags of coffee, are the worst thing about this site. However, it is high quality coffee, which helps justify purchases on special occasions. The syrups are pretty reasonably priced compared to other stores I have seen.



Great coffee! Reasonably priced if you buy in larger quanities


I'm normally slow to trying a new coffee that I haven't been recommended, but I'm so glad I went out on a limb to try this coffee. First I went to their "about us" page on their website. They are not a huge corporation and they take pride in making the best quality of coffee. So in essence you are supporting a small business. I then went to the Top flavored coffees page. Each product has its own reviews, so you can get opinions right there on each coffee. Their variety on the flavors are fantastic - Maple Bacon, Baklava, Jalapeno Coconut (really?), and more! The price for a pound sale price right now is $10.95, but the best deal is to buy 5LB bag for $34.95, which is $6.99/ pound, which is reasonable, especially for this high of quality and varieties they offer. Comparing to buying starbucks, it's a great deal. What I love is they offer three different options for grind - whole bean, drip, and french press. They also have a huge assortment of teas, organic coffee, and coffee brewers. Shipping is reasonable. If you spend over $15 (which is easy to do!), it's a flate rate of $5.95 via Fed Ex. That's a great deal and it will get to you fast, which helps to ensure its freshness.



Very good coffee and tea at reasonable prices


I really like the variety on this site.  They have well over 100 flavors of coffee (not counting decaf) and a huge tea selection.  They even have smoothie mixes (which my husband swears by). I haven't tried very many of their coffee flavors, but right now my favorites are Butter Rum and Caramel Apple...YUM!!  The coffee makes your kitchen smell as good as the coffee tastes.  A 1 lb bag is about $10.  If you drink a whole lot of ceffee like I do, the real steal is in the 5 lb bag, which costs about $29...that's $5.80 per pound for high quality coffee!! I get their tea year-round, but I particularly like it in the dead of winter.  The food-flavored varities like Apple Spice and Peppermint are especially yummy.  They are about $6 per 1/2 lb or $14 for 2 lbs.  It comes in loose leaf form with a free tea ball thing. In addition to their reasonable prices, they occasionally have some sort of shipping discount, so I always stock up when I catch a special sale. They also have a ton of gift baskets and coffee makers.  I have not given or received one of their gift baskets, but they look fun!

Mililani, HI



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