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Coffee Percolators
Coffee Percolator

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Farberware 12 Cup, 8 Cup & 4 Cup Electric Percolators


Over the years we have tried every imaginable coffee maker that has come on the market.  For our money, Farberware still makes the very best coffee making equipment.  So much for all the electric drip coffee makers, it is never hot enough and what good is a tepid cup of coffee. All these one mug, very expensive machines are is yet another twist at making coffee, only in a much more costly way.  First the machine is outrageously priced, then the coffee pods are ridiculously higher than plain ground coffee, it is just another fad. The line of electric coffee makers Farberware makes are superb.  They have been around for many years now and still cannot be beat.  We use one of ours at least twice a day and they consistently deliver a great brew that is good and hot.  Enough with the games = let's get on to simple good coffee.

Easton, PA


The best cup of coffee


The question posed today is, "how do you make the best cup of coffee?" As far as I know there are four basic ways right now, not including cowboy coffee. Most people probably still use the drip method with the filter and all, and obviously the home espresso machine is taking over because let's face it, it always makes a fresh cup given the operator is competent. But what I'm here to talk about is the french press v/s the percolator, most people are probably familiar with the french press with it's push down handle that filters the coffee through a screen. No doubt it does make a nice cup of coffee but one flaw is that in the glass presses the coffee gets cold too fast, and they break easily, but now there are insulated presses that are metal. But what about the percolator, this forgotten coffee maker, first of all they are metal and durable and can be taken camping. They don't filter the coffee through a screen but the coffee sits in a chamber and is constantly doused with recycled water fed through a tube by steam. I think the percolator is great, it keeps all the natural oils in like a percolator and the coffee stays hot, so why don't you try one and make a decision for yourself.

Bellingham, WA


Coffee Percolator

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