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Coda's Haven
Coda's Haven Goat Milk Soap

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Best soap I've ever used.


*Coda's Haven is an animal rescue in Michigan, all profits from soap sales contribute to the support of the animals. To learn more visit www.codashaven.com.*The natural color of goat's milk soap is a light brown (think white cotton lace dipped in strong black tea or coffee) which was disconcerting at first, now I can't imagine soap being white. The rectangular bars are flat on all sides but one, which is ridged. You are probably more interested in how well it works. The answer is that this is unequivocally the best soap I have ever used. Because of the humid weather in Houston I have to keep WD 40 on hand for my patio door. Soon after receiving the soap in the mail I sprayed the door's tracks getting some of the liquid on my hand. The goat's milk soap did the job in less time than other soaps I have used and was less drying, including a "glycerin" bar I also use.The liquid comes in an 8 oz bottle with a pump. It is thin which allows it to be rinsed easily, something important to me as I have to use it on my back. For several years I have had a rash on my back directly related to my illness. For days at a time it would give me no trouble then suddenly I would have a circle of hives, itching like mad. After about a week of bathing with the goat's milk soap I noticed there had been no flare-ups. I checked, **no rash!** If I could I would give this ten stars for that alone.

Houston, TX


Coda's Haven Goat Milk Soap

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