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Portable DVD Player
Coby - in. Portable Player with Screen

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Great when it works


I got this dvd several years ago, but just now took it out of the box when our son was born. He doesn't like sitting in the backseat by himself so we found this to be perfect for helping him get through some car trips. It really plays well and the battery lasts for quite sometime. We have played numerous DVD's for him. It does have a couple draw backs. The sewn piece that goes through one of the adjusters, just broke one day. There really wasn't an easy fix for it. I ended up having to sew it myself. So that was a little disappointing. I wish the power cord was a bit longer. Because as time goes by-or at least playing a DVD about 6 times, the batter started to die faster. So unless you charge it before you go, you need to keep it plugged in. Not always an easy solution. It also doesn't seem to sit in the case very well. You have to move the player up and down to get to the power button because the travel case gets in the way. I think it probably works best if someone can hold it on their lap. Now DVD's have decided to stop working. I get errors, like wrong disc or it continues to "load". I know you get what you pay for but I wish I would have gotten more than 5 months use out of it.


Warrensburg, MO


great little dvd player, kids love it on trips!


I got this Coby portable DVD player about a year ago and have been really enjoying having it in the car for long trips.  We looked at getting some dual DVD players to put over the head rests, or even paying the big bucks to have one installed overhead.  I like this Coby because it is nice and compact.  It is easy for me to stash it away when it is not in use.  I have had a lot of friends get their dual systems stolen from their vehicles becuase they leave them out.  I have also heard them complain about the wires that connect the 2 players constantly breaking.  While this is just a single player, we have found it works equally as well but for a much nicer price.  When we go on long trips we place this DVD player inbetween the two from seats in our Toyota Highlander, propped up just a little.  The sound is okay for the price.  There aren't a lot of features and the remote is sometimes touchy, but you get what you pay for.  It's a nice DVD system for the price.


Kaysville, UT


Coby - in. Portable Player with Screen

3.0 2