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Portable DVD Player
Coby Portable Player


Coby's TF-DVD7005 Portable DVD Player is unique with its stand-up design, it looks great on a desk or a table. Integrates a widescreen 7" LCD display with a versatile player that plays DVDs, CDs, MP3s and JPEG photo files. A credit-card remote control handles most of the player's major functions for extra convenience. The 7" widescreen LCD display can be used as a monitor for external sources like a VCR or camcorder, thanks to the composite video input.

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We recieved this as a gift for our boys. We opened it right out of a sealed box, charged for 24 hours loaded a dvd and withing 5 minutes it said low battery and died. Can not buy another battery and they will not replace. THey have bad customer service, no replacement parts available for this model, and are unwilling to stand behind thier product! I will think twice before I buy anything COBY!


Coarsegold, CA


i love the Coby digital player


this is a truly wonderful little player. It is completely portable and has its own battery, wth charger.  It even can be charged from the car battery. The 7 inch screen is a bit small for my liking but it is handy.  It is defintely lightweight and easy to carry.  The colors are bright and true. I often connect it to my wall tv and get a truly memorable movie viewing.  I have also taken it to school when i want to show clips that i have produced or copied off the Internet. I have had this portable for two years and recommend it to everyone.    


Dover, NJ




I got this item new and it worked as advertised,but I must say that the item has a pretty frail construction.One has to be careful to center the DVD ,for proper rotation,to make it work properly.The remote control is also frail,but has worked for more than a year.I have played the dvd on a portable video player(psp type0,on a virtual reality headset,on a Tv ect.It works in a consistent manner,but the quality of material and overall frailty is an issue on such a portable device.The top door closes but not perfectly,on much push a little,and too much might damage the mechanism.Recommend it to an experimenter.


Miami, FL


won't last longer than a month


This player is junk!  For a portable player it doesn't have the stabilization necessary to work well in a traveling vehicle.  Used it in the home and only worked for a couple of weeks.  Received it as an incentive gift, could see why they gave it away, it had no value.


Plainwell, MI


BEWARE of COBY products


COBY products are made from very cheap parts. They usually have a life of around 3-6 months. The reliability of this product is a gamble. It just depends on your luck.Price: Probably one of the Cheapest you might find in the marketFunctionality: This has very attractive features and may work depending on your luck!My advice: If you are planning to use this for about 6-months then it's a good gamble to invest. If you are looking for a long term player then you will be better off looking at some other brands.


Baton Rouge, LA


Coby Portable Player

2.4 5