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Portable DVD Player
Coby Portable Player


The Coby TFDVD7107 portable DVD player puts your favorite DVD movies and music within easy reach no matter where you go. The TFDVD7107 offers a compact design with a 7" screen that will play DVD/MP3/CD-CDRW. It also comes with a Rechargeable Battery so don't be afraid to take it anywhere.

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great value


We bought this for our 7 year old son to use on long road trips or when going on vacation. It is very durable and light weight. Love the compact design. It is very easy to use. The picture and sund quality is very good. Would recommend to anyone. Very good value for the price that we paid for it.


Somerset, OH


Save your money for a laptop!


I honestly never liked the idea of having a mini DVD player, to me it is a waste of time. For the money you spend on one of these tiny bad excuses for a DVD player, you could spend a little more and get a laptop and it would be worth it. With a laptop you can do a lot more than just watch DVDs. This portable DVD player in particular is of the lowest grade. It has terrible sound quality. It doesn't play all DVD's. Where is the point of that? You buy DVDs, and expect to be able to watch them and then you can't. The battery doesn't last at all. It has a high disc error rate. I would never recommend such a waste of time and money to anyone. If you want to invest in something that plays ALL DVD's and can play music, and view pictures get a cheap laptop. The cheapest laptop you find will be a better purchase than this Coby portable DVD Player. Just do not buy a Coby laptop if they make such a thing.


Corinth, NY




Please save your money and invest in something that will actually work properly. I bought this player thinking that it would be great to use on long car trips and to use while out of town. Boy, this DVD player is a piece of crap. The battery life sucks it does not even last an hour so make sure you are near a plug to charge it. Also for some reason it will play certain DVD's but not others. I have movies that I purchased from a well-known retailer and they will not play on this player but they will play in my home DVD player and in my Laptop. In addition, my biggest pet peeve with this DVD player is that it scratched five of my DVD's before I even noticed that they were scratched. I would hear a funny noise coming from the player and one day while on a car trip, I took my DVD out of the player and the player had scratched a round circle in my DVD's. Save your money and just use a Laptop.


Mesquite, TX


Coby Portable Player

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