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Coby Kyros 10-Inch Android 4.0 8 GB Tablet MID1048

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Not So great Tablet


This tablet is NOT worth it. It is made with cheaply made products that fail to perform adequately in most situations. Performance: It is often smooth the first few months of usage but graphics heavy pages take a toll on the processor and it takes a while to load certain apps. Not to mention that this is not compatible with the google play store. You will have to use coby's own store that carries an ant size worth of apps compared to the google play store. Camera: Nothing special here. The camera quality is poor and I doubt you would be able to take good pictures of it. Display: The good part about this tablet that it does indeed support HD video so you can watch youtube and Netflix with ease. However, after a year of using it, the right side of the touchscreen failed to work anymore. Is it worth it? If you want a cheap tablet so you can watch HD video without doing any much else, this may be for you. However there are way better tablets out there in its price range and with a little more money, you could even get a premium quality tablet.



Coby Kyros 10-Inch Android 4.0 8 GB Tablet MID1048

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