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Cobra - XRS- Radar Detector

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Saving my license 1 trip at a time


While the cobra does work I had to read the manual a few times to remember what lights meant what and which button did what.Once i figured it all out though i felt My license was safe while the cobra was in my car with me.Definitly worth reading the manual.

Nashua, NH


This radar dector is good, but has some issues.


I have always had Cobra radar detectors, and have never had any major issues. The one time that I did, it was taken care of promply and the replacement unit worked perfectly for years. When I purchased this unit, I did so because of the large screen and the many new features that it has. While I have not had any major issues, it does seem to have a problem with the 'Pop' alert feature. It goes off constantly! To the point where it is so annoying that you just want to shut it off and forget it. I also have the GPS adaptor which warns you of red light cameras. This doesn't always work properly either. There is one particular red light camera in town which is very well known. The unit will identify it if you are traveling East. But if you are coming from the other direction (traveling West) it does not identify the camera. But there are other cameras in town which it will pick up from the highway that it is no where near. It just doesn't make any sense. But all in all, it's not worth returning it and waiting on another unit.

Orlando, FL


Cobra - XRS- Radar Detector

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