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Cobra - XRS Radar Detector

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Horrible. Awful.


This was my first ever radar detector. I hadn't bothered to do any research on people that had owned more than one type or one company of radar detector. Its really too bad. If you've never had a radar detector before, you may think this does the job. You may think, and agree with Cobra's manual that it does it with "minimal falses". But I assure you, I promise you, it doesn't. I had this detector for a bit, and I realized I had more falses than I actually had alerts, and the alert range would always have to be constant on, which police officers never use. Sure, it gave me a save, but it annoyed me more than it was ever useful. Its seriously more useful as a paperweight than as a radar detector. It isn't even worth 50 bucks, and if you see this on sale for 50 bucks, by nooo no means should you ever buy it. Invest that 50 bucks and buy a better radar detector than this. Try doing a little research on the ones that are a bit more expensive, or at least one from an honest company like Whistler.

Leawood, KS


Nice features of the Cobra XRS 9960G radar detector


I've only had the Cobra XRS 9960G radar detector for a couple weeks, but I really like it so far. This is a GPS-enabled radar detector that syncs up with Cobra's "Aura" database of redlight cameras, common speedtraps, and other "hazards." All the detection band modes such as X, K, and Ka, can be turned on or off. The detector shuts itself off several minutes after the car's ignition has been turned off - this keeps the detector from draining your battery even if you leave it plugged in. I also love the fact that this radar detector "speaks" the detected radar signals and doesn't just "beep." As with any radar detector in this price range, it gets some false alerts, but not excessively. It definitely detects radar as it has already saved my hide a few times.  I am still testing it to see how far in advance an alert this detector gives, but it seems to be adequate so far. The Aura database is a nice feature and many of the known trouble spots along my commute corridor are definitely in there. Unfortunately, I also notice that some of the "redlight" cameras identified by Aura are not actually there, so I wonder how often the database is updated. There could be some improvements made though. The thing is kind of ugly and clunky looking. The front display is taller than the rest of the detector, so it makes it awkward to mount flat. The GPS "flash drive" is located in an ill-conceived position in between the power connection port and where you would drag the power cord to connect to most vehicle power outlets. Still, bottom line, this detector is a good value.

San Jose, CA


Mostly Does What It Should


I purchased this radar detector/GPS unit for my father as a gift. My father has a bit of a lead foot and with all of the red light and speeding cameras that have been installed all over the state of Arizona, and at the going rate my father has about six months left until he has so many points on his license he is going to lose it!! So, I did a fair amount of research on the subject because I wanted something that would warn of all the permanent red light and speed cameras that would have a data base that could update as new ones get installed. But I also wanted something that would pick up radar detection from police speed traps and the lovely photo vans that we have parked allover our city at new locations daily. This was the unit that I found that had it all. It covers something like 13 types of laser and radar signals as well as the GPS that ties into  database of the permanent fixtures. I did the set up for my dad, and overall it was very simple. The website is not the best but it gets the job done. Once the database was in the unit we let it sync up with the satellites and we were good to go. So far our test have all been has warned of the permanent cameras as well as one speed trap. I gave it 4 stars because the website could use some major work, other than that it has been great so far.

Tucson, AZ


The little box that could and does Detect almost everything


**Bottom-Line: **I would highly recommend the *Cobra* **XRS-9960G.** The **Cobra XRS 9960G Radar Detector** is a 15-band GPS enabled device that utilizes Cobra's trademarked (free) AURA database that tracks area speed and red light cameras and alerts you to their presence.  In addition to detecting X/K/Ku band radar guns the XRS 9960G has the ability to alert you when approaching fixed red light, speed, and photo radar cameras. The AURA database-housed in a small GPS fob connected to the main detector via a USB port-is maintained by Cobra, and updates can be downloaded straight to the GPS device via the Internet.  The GPS' functionality also enables the **XRS-9960G** to display your cars' current speed, and a GPS based compass; way cool!  The GPS Locator fob/module is extremely compact and easy to remove, making updating very easy via an included USB cable that plugs into any available USB port on your computer. My Viewpoint The XRS-9960G is a pleasure to use right out of the box.  It has an easy to see/read display that offered quite a bit of useful information.  But, I have to admit that in the full light of day that display is hard to read.  Thankfully, there are also easy to understand auditable and spoken alerts.  In addition, like most modern radar detectors, the XRS-9960G has a city/highway mode.  Though a little larger than other radar detectors, driving with the **XRS 9960G** was a nice experience; very important-the alerts seemed to be both timely, colorful, and (mostly) accurate.  I say mostly because the **XRS 9960G** seemed to have some false alarms.  More than once the unit alarmed on "K-band" without any visible police presence.  But I do believe the *"false alarms"* might have been caused the every present CCTV camera that seems to be popping up in every big box parking lot.  There were a few more issues I had with the **XRS 9960G** like the length of the alarms; some would flash by so quickly I missed them.        However, based on my experience in the *Chicago* area, the AURA Database appeared to be up to date, and made me aware of quite a few speed and red light cameras that I had not been aware of before including a brand new installation not too far from my residence.

Aurora, IL


nice big display, easy to use


its a nice radar detector. good range and gps works well but if its goes to power saver mode and when u start ur car again it comes up but it wont play sound when it finds the camera signals and some other signals. other than that its really good product

Pomona, CA


Cobra - XRS Radar Detector

3.4 5