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Cobra Radar Detectors are Dependable!


I have owned radar detectors since I started driving twenty years ago. My first few were generic/off brand radar detectors and to my dismay, I finally broke down and paid a little more for one that I hoped would last a litlle longer. I was please to purchase my first Cobra Radar Detector at the age of twenty-one and have owned one since. I like the fact that they last forever and don't go off at every little electric door, yet let you know when a radar is around well in advance. I also like the fact that they stay up on the latest updates and technology and immediately came out with the wireless when it was developed. I have fewer tickets from speeding, especially when I remember to turn it on.

Ocala, FL


Good, but not as reliable as I would like, maybe I'll slow down.


I do a lot of highway driving and have found it to be helpful a few times, but I have been pulled over twice with this radar detector. Once it wasn't the radar detector's fault because the highway patrol officer pace clocked me. The last time I was pulled over my radar detector never made a sound. The officer even made a comment when he came up to my window, "That didn't save you this time did it?". Thankfully I didn't receive a ticket, but it was close. The reason for it not making any indication that an officer had a radar on me may be due to it being a little older than modern technology. I like the option of safety vehicle warning if the vehicle is equipped with it, but it doesn't give you enough warning. I have found I can see the vehicle before the warning goes off. Not a timely warning at all. I do like the fact that it has the ability to detect from behind your vehicle. Overall I would say I would buy another Cobra detector.

Cocoa, FL


this is the one to get, and you won't get any tickets


We like this radar detector a lot.  It's useful for city travel and for on the road travel.  The device is easily connected to your cigarette lighter or electrical outlet and then it can be seated with two way tape to wherever you may want to put it. We keep ours in the middle console of the car, kind of deflected away from the sun that may enter the car.  The device usually shows three lights, the outer two lights show green that it's working and a red light in the middle to show that it detects police radar in use nearby or when police who are using radar passes or is near you it will alert you with a constant flashing light and when they are really close a constant tone.  On the side of the device is the volume control where you can adjust how loud you want it.  Since having this device I haven't had any speeding tickets.   

Detroit, MI


oh my!


I found the detectors are small and compact and hides easily. Nice to have when traveling long or short distances. There are times when you cant always see the speed you are going and at those times is when a radar detecter comes in handy.

Scottsboro, AL


Cobra - Radar Detectors - All Products

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