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Cobra - DC8200 Digital Camera

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Should come with alot more information


I have the Cobra DC8200 and it is the first digital camera I bought. While the price was reasonable, I'm afraid that the performance and the information for use is really lacking. I bought a 4GB memory card to use with the camera and could not get the camera to work at all. I used the manual CD that came along with the camera and could not find any explanation at all. I finally did an internet search for problems others experienced and found that the camera could only use a memory card of 1GB. This really should have been included in the instructions where I would have seen it prior to purchasing the other card. The smaller card works for me, but may not for everyone if you need to hold more pictures than the smaller card allows. It is probably a good starter camera, particularly for a young person. The quallity of pictures doesn't seem great either, although it is an 8.0 mega bytes. It is easy to use pretty much after the initial set up and downloading pictures was easy, fast and uncomplicated. It is light weight and small enough to fit into a pocket which is convenient. All in all though, I wish I had spent a little more and gotten a little more.


Cincinnati, OH


Cobra - DC8200 Digital Camera

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