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Clorox Washing Machine Cleaner

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Clorox Washing Machine Cleaner helps to eliminate odors


Owners of HE Front Load Washing Machines are generally familiar with the build up of musty odors over time. Wiping down the rubber door gasket and leaving the door open help to a degree by allowing water trapped in the washer to evaporate naturally. This helps to minimize the problem of odors but not completely eliminate them. If you use a HE Front Load Washer you're aware of how little water is actually used to both wash and rinse your clothes. That's one of the primary reasons owners are told to use less soap in each wash. Of course HE soap formulations are highly concentrated, but most of us continue to use too much soap. When the soap contaminated with the soil removed in the wash builds up on the internals of your machine it results in a foul musty odor. The ingredients in Clorox Washing Machine Cleaner are intended to rid the machine of the excess soap and soil build up. When used regularly (at least monthly) it really does help to minimize the problem. **Ingredients** Water, Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium Chloride, Cetyl Betaine, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Xylene Sulfonate. This is a similar formulation to the one we used successfully in our Laundromat on a much more frequent basis. It combines powerful grease and soap cutting agents with conditioning agents that protect the machine from corrosion. **Closing Thoughts** We use Clorox Washing Machine Cleaner once or twice a month in addition to wiping down the door gaskets and leaving the door of our Bosch Washing Machine after each use. It keeps our machine smelling fresh.

Boca Raton, FL


Clorox Washing Machine Cleaner Eliminates Buildup and Odors


Washing machines are, of course, appliances used for cleaning. But even though the inside of a washer is filled with soap and water, it can still get dirty over time. Washers can sometimes develop an odor and a product made to clean washing machines and eliminate this problem is **Clorox Washing Machine Cleaner.** **Cleaner Facts and Commentary:** Clorox Washing Machine Cleaner is a liquid cleaner designed to clean out the washing machine and eliminate odors. Washing machines accumulate soil and buildup over time. This product helps to dissolve them away and flush them down the drain. Washing machine cleaners are a relatively new product and I first got to know them a couple of years ago when I used Tide Washing Machine cleaner for the first time. I was only semi- impressed at the time and not really convinced that a product such as this was even necessary. But today, my feelings have changed and I can see why some washers need to be cleaned on a regular basis. One simple way to tell if your washer is a candidate for cleaning is to simply open the lid and breathe in a good intake of air. If you smell odd scents, there is a good chance your washer could use a cleaning. Clorox Washing Machine Cleaner works very well at eliminating these bad odors and it contains a multitude of chemicals that help to dissolve away buildup. Since this product has the Clorox name on the label, one might assume that it contains bleach- related products and they are correct. These added chemical agents help to get the washing machine clean and fresh- smelling and they do a very good job. The inside of the washer looks whiter and brighter than before and, most importantly, any trace of bad odor is gone. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Clorox Washing Machine Cleaner is a very good cleaning agent for washing machines. It helps get rid of dirt, soil, and other buildup that could cause your washer to smell funny. I like it better than the other washing machine cleaners I have tried and I recommend it as part of your monthly maintenance routine.

Houston, TX


So happy with an impulse buy!


I grabbed a bottle of Clorox washing machine cleaner on a whim. I recently had a new baby, and when I went to wash her new clothes I was dismayed at how faded the pinks and yellows looked after just one wash. In fact, as I looked over our other laundry, I noticed it had all become a bit dingy. So, while shopping one day, I saw this bottle, read the label, and thought "Why not?" The price was reasonable enough, and even though I have a top loading machine, I figured it would be worth a shot. WOW !!!! I am thrilled! I used the product, washed a load of whites next (just to make sure I got all the bleach product used up before putting in colors) and then did a load of the baby's clothes. They were restored! Most of them looked just as they did when I received them as gifts, or purchased them myself. I continued on with the rest of the laundry, and continued to be impressed. My husbands work clothes, which I thought would never come out very clean again even improved. It was like this product restored the power of my washer to do its job. So now I am ecstatic over the value, and the fact that I can use one bottle three times. I think I may get about a years supply next time I am in the store, and I have already recommended this to many of my friends and family!

Mcintosh, MN


user beware !


I tried this product , the first time left it smelling clean but it didn't last very long , so I followed the instructions and re-did it three weeks later and there must have been a residue of the first time because it over flowed onto my floor and RUINED IT ! ( and part of my carpet too). I filed a claim and they denied it after two months of waiting.One of the product's main ingredient is sodium hydroxide (used in hair relaxers etc..)which will destroy anything it comes in contact with. I thought that the company would step up and do the right thing knowing that it is possible that it will leave a residue that could potentionally cause a blockage.  Now, I am left with a floor to replace and a disappointment of Clorox as a company.

Greensboro, NC


the best ever Clorox Washing Machine Cleaner


I must say that there are so many products out there that claim to work so I put this one to the test and This cleaner really works   When I saw that my washing machine was so clean that I couldnt belive it. I really thought that once you wash your clothes and when the last load goes in you would think that the washer would be clean. Well there is still dirt ,oil and heaven knows what else is in that washer . Try this and youll see cleaner clothes and  dirt ,oil or anything will be left in the washer at all ,Umm the washer is like a new one , Please everyone dont fall for those commercials products that claim to clean the washer , they just want your money. 

Oakland, CA


Clorox machine cleaner leaves my machine clean and fresh smellin


I have spent alot of time doing laundrey for a family of 4 and never thought my washier need to be washed.  One day I notice a ring in my washier and became concerned that I needed to buy a need washier.  I consulted with my Husband who told my to buy Clorox washing machine cleaner.  I used it as directed and have been in love ever since.  My clothes are cleaner and my washier is always fresh smelling.

Fernley, NV


Clorox washes the washing machine for odor-free laundry.


After being away for several days, I came home to an awful smell in the laundry room. It was putrid! I checked my washer to see if something had been left in the machine to mildew- nothing. I checked around the base of the machine to see if something had gotten wet and become moldy- nothing. I couldn't figure out the source of the problem, but, remembered that I'd heard of front loader washing machines developing a bad odor. I have always been careful to wipe down the seal and leave the door open so that the machine dries out between washings and I'd never had the problem. After investigating all potential sources of the stench, I decided it must be my [Frigidaire front loader ][1] washing machine. I purchased a small bottle of **Clorox Washing Machine cleaner**. I bought the *he* version for front loaders and filled the beach cup until full. I set the cycle to use hot water, as instructed, along with an extra rinse to make sure all bleach residue was rinsed out. Once the cycle completed I realized the smell had dissipated. Problem solved. Note: To be on the safe side, I washed a load of whites afterwards in case any bleach remained in the tub.  **Bottom Line:** I liked the way the Clorox product worked. It is a bit thicker than regular bleach so it was easy to tell when the right amount had been poured into the bleach cup without over-spilling. Tip: Clorox recommends that every washing machine be cleaned out once a month [or more often depending on your need] to clean out the dirt and stains that accumulate inside the machine. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Frigidaire-3-5-cu-ft-I-E-C-King-Size-Capacity-ENERGY-STAR-Washer-Mfr-model-GLTF2940FE-reviews

Northern, FL


Clorox Washing Machine Cleaner

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