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Toilet Cleaner
Clorox Green Works Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Clorox Green Works Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Is Amazing


Love this product. Great for more than the bathroom. I've been using this for over a year. My family also uses this product, and they love it. I also trust this cleaner. Performance Wonderful! gets the job done. I will continue to buy this product, and keep this in my cleaning cabinet. Scent All natural smell. Fresh, and clean. Great bargain for your money.




A really great product


Clorox Green works products are really great. I have only used the toliet bowl cleaner myself but when my other cleaning products are out I will replace them with clorox green works products. The best park of this product there in no phospurs or bleach I think it work really well.


West Jordan, UT


Clorox Green Works Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner...works!


I try to use as many all natural products as possible for my body, my kids, and the home, so when my regular toilet bowl cleaner got used up, I bought this eco-friendly Clorox Green Works product to replace it. **Clorox Green Works Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner** is 99% natural and made from biodegradable, plant and mineral-based ingredients that have not been tested on animals.  I love that **Clorox Green Works Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner** is made with 99% natural ingredients, and I like its scent.  If you're looking for a natural toilet cleaner, check this out.  It works great for me and I would buy it again. Performance I have used almost this entire bottle and can't think of anything bad to say about it. The gel is green, which was a surprise because it's natural, but I like the color because I can see where I have squirted it inside the toilet. While you could probably scrub regular toilet gunk off without a cleaner, I think this product makes it scrub off easier. It has made cleaning my toilets easy and pain-free. Scent The bottle I have says the scent is "original scent". It's a fresh, clean smelling scent that isn't too strong and isn't harsh.


Camp Lejeune, NC


Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner Cleans the Toilet - Naturally


I hate to clean. We have two toilets in our home and with two boys (and a husband) it definitely needs cleaning. I have tried a variety of toilet cleaners from cheap to convenient . I want something that actually works so I can basically squirt and come back to it later and just wipe out the gunk. I also like to entertain the idea of buying more natural products as well. So when I spotted the Clorox Green Works Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner, I was more than willing to try it. Natural, decent price and it works. This combination places Green Works on the top of my cleaning products must have list. The Green Works line of cleaning products from Clorox are derived from natural products, which is meant to make them less toxic and more bio-degradable than regular chemical filled cleaners. The toilet bowl cleaner comes in the standard slanted toilet cleaner bottle. The nozzle is pointed instead of flat to assist with this as well. The cleaner comes out nice and thick so it slowly makes its way down the bowl, covering more of the bowl in one shot. Performance Down to how well the Green Works works. That really is the bottom line isn't it? How well does the toilet bowl cleaner clean the toilet? In this case I'm going to say very well. I can squirt it in and leave it (sometimes forget it...oops). And then use the brush to wipe out the goo. Though it doesn't melt the scum away like some cleaners I've used, there is no scrubbing involved. The clean usually lasts a few weeks before "it" returns. Scent The scent is descent, almost like a laundry soap scent really. Definitely not the chemically infused cleaner of the past. You can barely notice it.


Lansing, MI


Clorox Green the only way to GO!!


Haven't we all used them all?? From one to another from store to store... I have been there, and done that.But, I noticed this on the shelf one day.And decided to give it a try.Since it is Clorox Barand.And Clorox does bleach away stains(if you have any) and gets things their whitest!! Well I'm sold,it did the job to the T.And it doesn't have a strong bleach smell,and thats a plus,you don't have those fumes going up your nose and into your sinus's


Bakersfield, CA


Works fine


Over the past few years, I have tried to use less toxic, more enviromentally-friendly cleaners. I honestly don't know how much "better" Clorox Green Works Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner is for the environment, but I must admit that it seems much gentler than toilet bowl cleaners I have used in the past. The bottle is shaped like a typical toilet bowl cleaner bottle- with a curved neck to get up under the toilet bowl rim. The liquid is green and easily seen as you squirt it in the toilet- makes it easy to tell if you missed a spot. It is not very thick, it runs into the water very quickly, but I haven't noticed that this impairs its efficiency any. It does have a mild "cleaner" type odor, but it is not too bad at all. It doesn't smoke like some of the toilet bowl cleaners I've used in the past, and I consider that a major plus. Generally, I let the cleaner sit in the bowl for about 10 minutes or so. I can continue cleaning in the bathroom while I let it set, unlike many toilet bowl cleaners I've used in the past, that are so strong I have to leave the room and then try to hold my breath as I rushedly scrub the bowl. It easily removes minor rings and other build-up, leaves the toilet smelling fresh and overall works just fine.






Up until recently, I may have given a little more consideration to Clorox products....but I have to question how a company can claim that their product is "green" or natural when it is quite obvious by the nasty chemica smell that it is just a product slightly less toxic than what is ususally made by Clorox. This natural toilet bowl cleaner doesnt even work al that well. It seems to take so much just to do what half of a better toilet cleaner can do. If you are looking for a way to have clean toilets while remaining true to your environment, this is by all means the product to pass on by. Try alternatives that are truly natural..or look for other products that actually work and are "green" or atleast "greener". If what you want is a clean bathroom and havent quite adapted to the green way of living...well this product is stll one that should be avoided. If its all you have on hand, its ok to use, but thats about it.


Bellaire, OH


Clorox Green Works Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner does not clean.


I am going to be honest from the get-go about this product. I loved that Clorox came out with a more natural product line, but it should not have lost it's efficacy of cleanliness that the brand is known for. Clorox Green Works Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner sounded like a good idea to me, so I tried it out. The chemical smell (no matter how "natural") was very over-powering. Nonetheless, I applied it to my toilet bowl to see how it cleans. And, it didn't. I put a lot of elbow grease into scrubbing my toilet with this product, and it did not get it nearly as clean as good 'ol Baking Soda and Vinegar. I used it many other times on the toilet, only because I wanted to finish the bottle so I can get my money's worth, and I still was not impressed. The Clorox Greenworks line has some great products on it, but this is not one of them. The chemical smell was so harsh, and it lingered, bathroom fan and all. This is NOT something I would want in my home ever again.


Atwater, CA


Very good natural cleaner


I don't use bleach any more, so I was struggling to find a good cleaner for my toilet. I was skeptical about this one when I bought it. But I was very surprised to see how well it works!  It is a bit thinner consistency than the toilet cleaners that I was used to. But once I got past that and learned to squirt the bottle differently I determined that it is a good cleaner.  As I said the cleaner is thinner than what I expected. But it still clings to the sides of the toilet bowl instead of running into the water. The thinner consistency also makes it easier to squirt under the rim of the toilet bowl and be confident that it got where it needed to in order to clean.  The scent is okay. It does not smell like traditional cleaning products (especially bleach ones, what a relief) but I am not sure I would say the scent is pleasant to work with. It's botanically derived but not all plants necessarily smell like something I would want to keep around in my house. The good thing is that the scent dissipates quickly. 


Sarasota, FL


Cleans, but not for very long.


My mom had actually purchased this product and when she was dissatisfied with it, passed it along to me.  She knew that I prefer to use products that are more natural and that this one certainly fit that bill.  So I've been using it for a few months now and I like it.  But I've also noticed a trend that's been bothering me - I'm cleaning the toilet more often now.  Yes, this product absolutely cleans the toilet and does it well.  But it seems like very little time passes before there's a ring around the bottom of the bowl again and I'm in there with the toilet cleaner and the brush. And to me, that defeats the purpose of this product.  I want something that helps it STAY clean and not just cleans well.  Because it does clean well.  I don't remember cleaning the toilet this often with products that weren't natural - or perhaps it's just this one.  I plan to do a little research and try a few other products and come to a determination.  I would buy this again if nothing else eco-friendly fits the bill, but it won't be my first choice if I find something else that maintains that level of clean.


Sykesville, MD


Clorox Green Works Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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