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Clore Dining Room Chairs

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Clore Dining Room Chairs: Made in the U.S.A., last 4 generations


**Clore Dining Room Chairs** **eaclore.com** E.A. Clore is has been making furniture right here in Virginia since 1830.  We've been slowly upgrading our furniture, one room a year and trying to buy furniture that is made in the U.S.A. When it came time to buy dining room chairs and bar stools, we wanted Clore chairs.  They are classic and so well made.  We'd visited many homes that had Clore chairs that had been owned and used for decades and they still had an amazing look and function too. Clore chairs are custom made from hardwoods.  You can choose from walnut, cherry, oak or mahogany.  These are not wood finishes.  They are real wood chairs. We chose:  2 captains chairs for the "heads of the table" with arms, 6 traditional ladder back chairs and bar stools, 4 with backs and 2 without for versatility. My favorite addition from the Clore dining room chairs is the youth chair. What is a youth chair? Parents well know that the point in time that comes when a child no longer needs a high chair but doesn't fit well or high enough in a traditional kitchen table chair.  Booster seats can be an option but the youth chair is awesome.  It looks just like the rest of your dining room chairs but is has arms, a higher seat and is narrower.  At six, this is still my son's chair.  Not only does it look great with the rest of our dining room set, he is more comfortable and secured at the table for dinner. People visit our home and love to tell us how long they've had their Clore chairs.  I love knowing that we won't replace these chairs and they will be passed on and used for generations. Clore ships their furniture across the country.  They sell direct with no middleman. ***My Viewpoint: *** Clore dining room chairs come with several options for style or wood.  They are classic. They are forever furniture that is made in the U.S.A. from renewable hardwoods.    

Big Island, VA


Clore Dining Room Chairs

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