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Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer

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Works but costs too much


It works well but there are other products that work just as well for a lower price. It was very smooth a went on my skin. I found out that it tended to take more lotion around my neck. After a few weeks I found that it works as well as products I have used in the past that cost much less. Doesn't Clog Pores It was smooth without clogging my pores. Effectiveness I found out after a few days my skin was much smoother.


Little River, SC


The most powerful over the counter cream


  Total Turnaround is a potent cream. I have used this product on and off for years depending on how my skin is acting at the time. I have found it works best for me when my skin is on the oily side. If you have dry skin beware, it has always intensified my dry skin to the point where I have cracks around my nose and it leaves skin around my nose flaky as well. As the first reviewer stated it is a facial in a jar. It has helped me eliminate breakouts and those bumps that aren't acne but just hang around. I would not recommend this for daily use, although I know people who do,  as it can be drying. But as a one in a while for heavy exfoliation, and also to help eliminate the depth of wrinkles.


Oklahoma City, OK


Clinique Turnaround Concentrate - excellent product


I stumbled upon Clinique's Total Turnaround Concentrate while on Sephora's site a couple of weeks ago, hadn't noticed it at a counter before. My skin is just horrific lately, about to go to a derm, but figured I'd give this a try - it has high reviews on other sites. Very glad I did. It's used twice a day, so I use it in the morning, after my shower, let it sit for a minute or two, then moisturize over it. I almost don't need my moisturizer with this product, and I suspect when it really warms up here in AZ, I'll skip moisturizer entirely in favor of this product. It instantly sinks into the skin, leaves no residue, no greasy film, goes right to a soft, velvety matte finish. My skin not only looks velvety, it feels velvety. It also somehow keeps my moisturizer from leaving a greasy sheen as well (I normally go over my skin with blotting paper prior to applying primer). My skin looks really luminous. I'm having a slight increase in breakouts, but I think that is my skin purging itself as the concentrate does its job, which is to speed up cell turnaround/renewal. It doesn't irritate/sting/burn at all, and there's no scent that I can detect. A very small amount, like the size of a pea, does the job perfectly. Aside from my chin, which breaks out no matter what I do, my skin hasn't looked this good in 20 years - and I just turned 38.


Mesa, AZ


Clinique Turnaround Concentrate makes my face bright.


When my skin looked dull, I went to a clinique counter and asked a salewoman about how to deal with my problem. She recommand me to use this. So I use it everyday since then. Now, my face looks very bright. I love it and will continue to use it.


Arlington, VA


Clinique Turnaround Concentrate and Cream - Love it!


I have used Clinique products for almost 20 years and the products are not just for the young - I'm 50+ and love Clinique.  I started using the Turnaround Cream when it first became available and at that time it helped with acne.  Now I use it to provide me with smooth and radiant skin.  The concentrate reminds me a lot of the original Men's version of the Turnaround lotion and seems to provide a much quicker delivery of the exfoliating ingredients (if you have sensitive skin you should stick with the cream version).  I have tried drug store brands to save on my budget but I actually ended up wasting the money because the drug store products just didn't work as well.  My skin is much smoother and the skin spots I've earned from getting older are lighter when I use the Turnaround cream.  I am going to give up my search for a cheaper product and stay with a tried and true performer that Clinique has always provided me. 




Perhaps Clinique Turnaround Concentrate is for younger women.


As a woman over the age of 50, I did not find the same results as previous reviewers. It does help the skin feel softer, more subtle but it has done nothing for my age spots, wrinkles, or overall appearance. I do not have sun damaged skin to make the Clinique Turnaround Concentrate more difficult to achieve the wanted results. I have used the product for almost three weeks now.  The serum only requires a small amount and does not feel heavy or thick on the skin. Although my skin does feel softer, my complexion does not appear brighter, radiant or renewed. For anyone who has acne or prone to breakouts, this product might be a little too heavy and cause more problems.  The cost is not prohibitive, however, I was expecting more and quicker results. It is a great deal less expensive than Estee Lauder's Idealist Serum, approximately half the price and both have about the same results. Perhaps I am looking for Miracle in a Bottle and only a dermatologist can provide the coveted results I dream of. 


Odenton, MD


Clinique's Radiance Collection - visible skin renewer


I have Normal to Combination skin type. I have used this product for about 3-4 months now. I follow this product by the instructions which say to use it after the three step skin care system: liquid facial soap, clairfying lotion #2, and dramatically different moisureizing lotion. You must wait till the lotion (step 3) soaks into your face and dries up before you even attempt to put on this product. A little goes a long way and less is probably better. This product does make my skin a bit oily, so I use these rice paper wipes to take off the extra oil look during the day along with covering it up with a powder foundation from time to time.  **ACNE** - if you have acne, this may be the product for you. Within the first day of using it I noticed a huge decrease on pimples, and has kept most of them off since. **OILY** - If you're skin is oily, I am not too sure how this will affect you. It gives my skin quite the oily appearance and sometimes just feels like it sits on my skin, but everyone is different. I would say try it out, but don't be shocked if it is not for you. **RADIANCE/GLOW** - The first month I used it I noticed a large difference in my skin. It became smoother, a tad more vibrant, and no acne (and still none since then. I only had minimal-medium acne though.). I am not too sure about this glow that people are talking about. I do like the product, but after the first month my skin seemed to stay the same as when I first used it. Which is still better than it was. Of the radiance collection, Clinique says for better results to use the 5 minute facial. I do use the 5 minute facial about 2-3 times a week, which is a product I do love. This may or may not be something that has contributed to my results. Please take that into mind.


Makawao, HI


I love this!


This is  an amazing product. I love it! Whenever I use it my face always feels clean and looks great. It has cleared up my face quite a bit and made it feel so smoothe too! The only thing is-- the price.


Ithaca, NY


The best product I have ever used. Can't go without it.


I am a very savvy customer when it comes to skincare products. I have worked for serveral over the counter companies such and Lancome and Clinique, and Este Lauder. I have tried many, many, many products over the years and I have my favorites amoung the mases. One particular product that I can not live with out is Clinque's Turn around Conentrate. This product is a miracle in a bottle. I know that throngs of people love, love loved the turnaround cream and are very sad to see it go but the concentrate is everything you love from the cream but more. Because it is a serum, you can use a moisturizer in addition to it. So if you concerns are evening our skin tone and texture use the turnaround concentrate first, then apply your favorite lightening cream on top. I reccommend the lightening line from Clinique as well. Establishing a beauty routine that best suits yourself is important. Spending money on all those products is only wise if you use them!! Mostof us don't. So for practicality and the sake of being a wiser consumer, think about your main concern when it comes to your skin and then think about your current routine. Chances are, it won't chnge much. So to make the biggest impact on the over all condition of your skin with the least amount of finacial contributioin and effort take on the turnaround concetrate from Clinique. The application is fool proof and the results are instantaneous. It gices us that instant gratification!! Wash your face and pat dry, then apply 1 pump to finger tip and dot forhead, both cheeks, and chin. Then massage in to face. Allow to absorb for about 2 min and apply a moisturizer on top. Viola!! Your ksin is instantly smoother, brighter and that's just the first benefit!! The turnaround concentrate uses micro-exfoliating technolgies to smooth the surface of the skin while other active ingredients penetrate the skin to help reverse free radical damge and restore the damges cells. Like I siad, I can't live without this products. Just the way my skin feels after applying the product is enough to sell me. It alows my makeup to have a much more flawless application and I think it helps it last throughout the day.


Albuquerque, NM


Clinique Turnaround Cream is a great exfoliator.


I have used Clinique turnaround cream for about 7 years now.  It is great at exfoliating with an acid complex while it moisturizes.  However, I do have some areas of my face (cheeks) that are a little sensitive to the acid complex (gives me rashes), so I cannot use it every night.  You definitely want to keep it away from the tender under-eye area!  Best results are seen when it is used consistently, and it takes a couple of weeks for the results to start showing up.  The bad news is that because it is a Clinique product, it is very PRICEY.  The good news is that it doesn't take very much product to cover your face.  They put some pretty big samples of Turnaround cream frequently in their product giveaway (called "Bonus" time).  I find that the samples carry me over for a couple of months, so I really only purchase it once a year or so.  It is naturally fragrance free, so no stinky, strongly perfumed product is on your face.


Sammamish, WA


Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer

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