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Clinique Superpowder Double Face Makeup

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Great product for quick and effective make-up.


I've been able to stop using liquid foundation since this product has good coverage. I purchased the neutral color and it's maybe a tad bit too light for my fair/medium skin. I'll be ordering one shade darker next time. My face needs foundation due to normal imperfections but I never liked the heavy feeling of foundation. I've tried all the drugstore brands of power/foundation combinations and was only moderately satisfied. With this product, the coverage is good. Plus as an added bonus, I use it now as an eye shadow (on the lids), a highlighter under the brow, and a concealer for the dark circles under my eyes. I was amazed at how smooth it felt on my lids and it really brightened my eyes. I've had to use some form of eye shadow for my entire adult life due to oily/greasy lids and this does the trick. I simply dip an angled brush into the product and smooth it around my eyes. I love it and the multi-functions reduce the amount of makeup I have to use for travel.


Anoka, MN




It is a must have!! Another one of Clinique's great products!This powder actually does what it says.It absorbs oil and color stays true until you take it off. There are warm and cool colors based on your foundation needs. I have been looking for years for coverage that lasts but looks natural. This is it. It even my skin tone but does not look like I have make-up on.It lasts all day. It covers all my flaws and stays on. It truly does make my skin look perfect!it's super fast to apply-great if you don't have the time or patience for a liquid foundation and brush. I don't even have to wear a foundation or concealer-It covers everything perfectly.It looks natural and the color stays true all day long. So much time is saved for me when all I have to do is pat it on and go! It has great coverage and makes skin look smooth.I have been using this powder for about a year and I love it.It's worth the money.  


Franklin, TN


Superdouble Face Powder=Confidence!


I have worn Clinique's Superdouble Face Powder for years! It was the first powder I tried as a teenager while digging in my mom's make-up drawer. It offers supreme coverage and I love that it is a pressed powder, not loose. Clinique is one of those brands that signifies quality and the Superdouble Face Powder is no exception! It comes in colors/shades to suit ever skin tone and offers supreme coverage to hide even the worst blemish! Over the years, Clinique has stayed true to the Superdouble Face Powder formula and that means that I always know which color will suit me. It's comforting to know that Clinique is a brand that I can trust and though it is more expensive than a pharmacy brand, it's worth every penny!


Tulsa, OK


Great everyday makeup


I wear very little if any makeup. I have gone through many different products (mostly Clinique because I trust them and I'm looking for a classic look) and this one is by far the best. It goes on easily and lasts a long time. The color blends great with my face and makes me look a little less pale/pasty - overall much more even-looking. It works great to keep the shine down as well - especially since it'll last you all day. Usually I put it on in the morning and don't worry about it again until the next day. I may reapply at night if I'm going out, but I usually just leave it as-is. It doesn't even need a heavy makeup remover to take off - a simple water rinse will normally work. This makeup also works pretty well to cover up any blemishes or miscolored areas. You can also wear concealer underneath it if need be without altering the way the makeup goes on. It's even good for lightening up tired eyes (without buying another product). This makeup will not make you break out or damage your face at all - it even has SPF 15 built-in (the only Clinique base makeup that does), which is great.


Charlottesville, VA


Clinique superpowder is a miracle product


the Clinique - Superpowder Double Face Makeup #01 Matte Ivory is teh produc thtat I have been waiting for for my face. I have been having problems with acne since I was a teenager. no matter what I do, I always break out atleast once or twice a month. Thus, I used to cake on liquid foundation to cover the zits or the scars of the zits on my face. I then would add a layer of powder foundation for good measure to make sure that my makeup didnt come off of my face. i was always so terrified of the world seeing either my pimples or the scars that I got from treating them. Thus, when i noticed that this product combines the two, I thought that I needed to try it. i must say it was one of the best ideas that I had. I have saved atleast 5 minutes a morning on my face since this is a stop shop. It also holds long term and provides the coverage that I need. It is pricey, but it is definitely worth every penny! [][1] [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Clinique-Superpowder-Double-Face-Makeup-01-Matte-Ivory-Clinique-reviews


West Newton, PA


Clinique superpowder double face- too thick


I usually buy the drugstore make up however I wanted to try this since I use the skincare line. I was matched up to the Matte Tawny shade. It looked very good in the store, but when I got in my car I looked in the mirror so I could see myself in true light and looked so heavy and caked on and darker than my complexion. I went back into the store and told the lady and she tried to match me up again but the lighter tone was too light. She proceeded to tell me to go home and try it and play with it a little as it was the best match. I went home and tried applying it with a brush instead and although it looked much better it was still darker than my complexion so it gave me this weird tan. All in all I really didn't feel comfortable returning it to the store and did not want the hassle so I kept it, and have not used it. I decided to go back to my drugstore brand which I really had no problem to begin with. That'll teach me! Anyway this powder looks heavy and feels heavy, I usually go for a makeup that doesn't look like you're wearing makeup. I would not recommend this unless this is the look you are going for.


Chula Vista, CA


Superpowder--I can't live without it!


I really cannot say enough about this product.  I would be so sad if they ever discontinued this product!  I have used this powder for probably about five years and I will never switch.  This is the only powder I have found that gives really good coverage without looking cakey or too matte.  I have an even skin tone except that my nose turns red when I get cold.  No other powder is good enough to cover the redness except for Superpowder.  I use this over my foundation--all over my face.  I usually reapply a few times a day because it rubs off a little.  Go to the Clinique counter the first time you buy this to get the correct color for your skin tone.  It is pretty sheer but covers really well.  I have tried so many other powders and none of them have even come close.  It is a little expensive but definitely worth it--it lasts forever even when you use it several times a day.  Worth the splurge.  Try it! 


Milwaukee, WI


super double face makeup works wonders


i love how light and smooth it feels. it is easy to apply and easy to keep track of. i can easilly through it in my purse or diaper bag for a quick touch up here and there through out the day. there are so many opptions that i was bound to find the perfect match. I also like the mirror. I just hate it  when a compact doesn't have a mirror in it.  The only time I don't use it is when I am sick and even then sometimes i still put it on because it makes me feel like i  can do something in the day. and anyone can come over and i still look like i care about myself. the applicator  is very handy but i would like it if it came with two applicators so i could change them out because i have very oily skin and it sometimes makes the applicator dirty because i do apply the makeup up more then just after i wash my face. i re-apply on the areas that i touch the most, such as my nose. that way im not shiny.


Montgomery, AL


Great product


I love the clinique double face makeup bisque.It is such a great quality product that gives the smoothest finish to any make up.I usually don't restrict myself to any one brand of product so I have used a lot of make up  and never quite found the one that meets all my needs.When I first tried this product at a Bosovs make up stand,I was really surprised on how well it blended with my skin tone.It was just the perfect foundation that I needed for my face.Like the other ones I have tried before,they were either too dark or not noticeable at all.Some of this foundation even made me break out on my face.However this clinique make up gives my face and neck a glowing and radiant finish that lasts for long.No bumps,caking,break outs or wrinkled look. Another great thing about this product is that you can use it for different skin types and skin tones whether dry,oily,light skinned,borwn,black or olived skin.However it is quite on the expensive side but still well worth it.


Pottstown, PA


wonderful foundation


I simply love this product.  I use it over my conceler as a powder foundationl  I have sensitive combination skin.  I love this product becuase occasionally I find my self so busy with the hustle and bustle of everyday life that I sometimes forget to wash my fasce at night.  when I wake up in the morning I am plesanntly surprised to find that I have no additional blemishes and in fact my skin usually looks great.  Also I love how it goes on.  It is full coverage but it is not think and dose not make me feel like I have a painted face like so many other full coverage foundations do.  The best part is that weather or not I do wash my face at night I do not seem to get any blemishes and I love that part.  My skin is naturally red in the cheeck area and this foundation covers that up wonderfully.  Also the compact itself lasts a very long time and I really feel like I am getting my monies worth out of the product.


Fargo, ND


Clinique Superpowder Double Face Makeup

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