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Clinique Quickliner for Eyes - All Shades

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Quick is right


A reader will find I am a big fan of Clinique products. The Quickliner is a great product. I love the twist up action which prevents the need for sharpening eye pencils and the opposite end with smudge brush is wonderful. Everything you need for a quick and accurate eye liner application in one little product. The Quickliner comes in so many different shades too! I love the forrest green and egg plant colors - they are subtly different than your traditional black or brown but can make different eye colors or eye shadows pop in a different way. Like most Clinique products I've tried this goes a long way! One Quickliner product can last me half a year. Another thing I've been impressed with using this product for a while is that I have never had issues with the eyeliner breaking off. Probably because you can easily control with a twist up or down how much product is sticking out of the end of the pencil.


Lakeville, MN


Stays on the entire day!


I was thrilled when I got a free sample of this from clinique. I have always had problems with my eyeliner smearing or coming off sooner than I would like. With their quickliner for eyes, you do not have to worry about either! It stays where you put it and does not come off! Along those lines, it is a bit more challening than other eye products to take off, but I would rather have that problem than the opposite. I love that it is long and slender, like a pencil. Even though it does not look like a lot, it lasts for awhile. I got this sample 2 months ago and I still have plenty left. I am definitely going to purchase it after I run out. I also like it because if you get a brown or copper shade (like the one I have), it works for those with lighter skin tones. I have red hair and pale skin, so I have to worry about not looking too severe with my makeup. This can be as subtle as you would like.


Charlottesville, VA


Clinique has great products, this is not one of them


I was highly disappointed with this product, not only is it expensive but it runs like crazy.  **Pros** 1. **Cute color selection** 2. **bold colors** **Cons** 1. **very pricey- you can go to the drugstore and for half the price get a better eye-liner** 2. **not good quality- I would say that this liner is just as bad as wet & wild :(** 3. **liner doesn't retract- once you have turned it out, your done, no going back. This happens to be very very very inconvenient because if you by accident twist it out a lot your can't retract it :(** 4. **smudges after about a hour of application- I was very disappointed ( and embarrassed) to see that my liner looked like a was goth or something** 5. **not long lasting- like I said, it only lasted a hour** With this product, the bad over-weighs the good. it looks nice when you apply it but in a hour get ready to look in the mirror to see that your liner has transfered down to your lower lash line and to the sides of your eyes. I would not recommend you wasting your money on this product.




very nice eyeliner


This is an extraordinary eyeliner. I love the way it goes on with such ease. It is very fine if you want it that way or thicker if you angle it a certain way. Very lovely colors also to choose from. I stick with black. I used to have to light my eyeliner to get it to go on, but with this it goes on very easy and quick. It also stays on which I like. No more looking like a raccoon or black flaking. I hate that the most. This may tend to wear off, but simply reapply and you don't have to push very hard to get it to go on. I'm sure this is a big seller with clinique so we can have it around for a long time. It's very professional looking and reasonably priced. I love all the estee lauder products and clinique so I pretty much a fan of their whole line. I would highly ecommend this and pick one up for some friends who have the raccoon dilemma. They will thank you for the new smooth look that makes their eyes stand out for all the right reasons.


Belleville, NJ


Smooth, beautiful, quick color


I recently purchased the Clinique Quickliner for Eyes for the first time. While it's more than I usually spend on eyeliner, I was pleasantly suprised at how easily and quickly I could put it on. The color (I bought the "new black") is a beautiful gun-metal gray. Not too black and definitely won't be mistaken for blue as some gray liners can be. Works well with many different eyeshadow colors, too. The eyeliner stays on all day and even into the night. It doesn't fade away, run down my face or even wipe off when putting on clothes. It stays on until you're ready for it to come off. And it comes off with face soap and water ... don't even need makeup remover or anything special. I haven't used the smudging tip so I can't comment on how easily or well that works. But, for a liner that doesn't pull or tug when applying, stays on all day long, has a beautiful color, it's great. Just wish it wasn't so pricey!


Haughton, LA


Great eyeliner


This is one of my favorite eyeliners I have. It's probably one of my cheapest higher end brand eye liner I own. It does exactly what it's called. It's extremely quick and easy. I don't need to put as much effort into putting eye liner on when I'm using this. I just swipe the eye liner on to my top lids and even on my water line, it stays on all day. I feel that I reach for  this eye liner pencil more often than my urban decay 24/7 glide-on one. Another thing that's awesome about this quick liner is that it is retractable, so it's automatically sharpened rather than having to sharpen it myself. I apply this early in the morning and usually I'm not home until late at night, so this eyeliner literally lasts me all day. It really is quick and convenient  and I will most likely will be purchasing more of these in the future, probably other colors, as well.  Amazing price, long lasting and effortless. 


San Jose, CA


Clinique Quickliner The only Liner you need and it Lasts!


Clinique Quickliner is a soft liner that is a twist up container with a smudging sponge on the end. I have had so many wood chips from sharpening pencils flaked into my eyes over the years, I ditched lining my eyes altogether. After trying competitive brands, I realized that though Clinique is not the only company making these style of liners, they are truly the best by far. Why would I say they are the best? The control you have with this liner is amazing. There are no unexpected tips falling off, breaking off until you have lost half of the liner. There is no mess. You can apply it lightly and smudge or you can get more dramatic and it stays where it is supposed to without flaking off or crusting up over the day. I love the colors and Plum is my very favorite and looks great on most eye colors. With sensitive eyes, I had no allergic responses and there were no strange odors from the product even over time. This product is reliable, color true, easy to use, foolproof and quality.




Clinique Quickliner for Eyes is so easy to use.


Clinique Quickliner for Eyes is a great product.  I like the brown shade it comes in.  I like how easily it moves on my eyelid and below my eye.  It moves along that delicate skin in a smooth fluid motion instead of causing pulling and resistance like harder pencils do.  I like the sponge end to make a more muted finish.  I also have not had trouble with clumps breaking off.  This product makes me wonder how I ever used those horrible pencils that needed sharpening.  It sounds so bad for my skin.  While it is slightly pricey, it is so easy to apply and while I know I shouldn't put on my makeup in the car while driving to work, I often do and this liner makes it easy to do.  I am satisfied with brown although I'm not sure what variety of colors this comes in.  I also like that it seems to last a long time and on my way home from work, I still feel like I am wearing makeup.  Just another great clinique product


Lincoln, NE


great eyeliner


I have been using cliniques products for years and have always been very happy with the quality. the prices aren't the cheapest but i guess you get quality when you pay for it.  i've used the brown shades. i feel like this eyeliner lasts longer than others. i like the sponge on the end that helps you work in the eyeliner to give a smokey appearance if that's the look you are going for. if not you can just use the pencil part and that works fine too. i find that the clinique quickliners last longer than some of the cheaper brands. i'm not sure if there is actually more eyeliner in the pencil or what, but that is something i noticed. i like the silver casing it comes in i think it adds to the quality look and feel. it also does not have that problem of the pencil part falling out which i have had with cheaper brands like revlon.  all in all i would recommend this eyeliner to anyone who want a quality eyeliner.


Baltimore, MD


Clinique's Quickliner is worth its weight in gold!


I can't enough good things about this eyeliner.  I don't like to pay good money for a products whose quality doesn't match the price.  Not an issue with Quickliner.  I have a problem with my eyes watering for most of the year due to seasonal allegies.  Other eyeliners, from the main brands you can buy at your local drugstore or super center, make products that they claim are waterproof.  In my experience, I have found that to be largely inaccurate... for me.  But Clinique's Quickliner not only backs up its claim, it is even smudgeproof within about a minute of putting it on.  Try this:  stop by Clinique's counter when you're at the mall and grab one of the Quickliners.  Make sure your hands are lotion free and write a one inch line on the back of your hand with it, then wait about a minute.  Try to smear it... I think you'll find, as I did, that it takes quite alot to smudge it.  Same holds true when applied to eyelids!  My personal favorite is Roast Coffee!


Crowley, TX


Clinique Quickliner for Eyes - All Shades

4.5 20