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Moisturizers for Dry Skin
Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

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Love it


Thus us excellent. I use regular moisture surge daily....when I get dry patches I use this overnight. I wouldn't use too often as it can cause oiliness in problem spots if you do.

Kansas City mo


Clinique Moisture Surge Mask is an excellent skin care product.


I have used Clinique skin care products for 30+ years of my life. I was given other high quality, name brand products as gifts to try, but I never strayed from Clinique because of my consistent benefits from the skin care regime. I highly recommend Clinique products and the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask makes my skin feel fantastic and bounce back immediately from any dryness I may have, hide or eliminate the lines and other skin conditions that come with middle aged menopausal women. Effectiveness The benefits from the Overnight Surge Mask can be easily identified after one use, and even more obvious after consistent use. Ease of Application Extremely easy to use the Overnight Mask. Scent The Mask has an easy, gentle smell that is not strong or offensive.

Portland, OR


Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

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