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Clinique M Lotion

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makes skin look alive


Clinique M-Lotion is expensive but is no gimmick.  It has no miracles but does make skin look instantly alive.  I use it moderately because I have oily skin and if I use too much it can make my skin look greasy.  When this happens its a waste and i have to wash it off.  I usually use it a an overnight cream or when I am home during the day. When i go out and its not hot I apply some and it instantly brightens, shines and tones the skin.  It feels slightly relieving and makes irritated areas and dry skin feel relieved and soothed.  I dont go for those expensive, miracle cream gimmicks that are advertised heavily because I have tried promotional and trial offers which give me the same equal results as Clinique M-Lotion.  I use it sparingly only as needed to dry areas, rather than waste it using it regularly.  It is expensive and can consume your budget should you use it regularly and too often.   

West Covina, CA


Clinique M Lotion

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