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Clinique High Lengths Mascara

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Clinique High Lengths Mascara is great!


First of all, let's discuss the brush on this product. It definitely is like none other that I have tried. If you haven't seen this product in real life, it has a long, skinny, and curved brush with bristles on the side inside the curve. I received a mini sized one of these and I did use it for a few months before coming out with the verdict that it does work well. The only problem I have is that it dried up pretty fast and I was unable to use it after that. It adds volume and length which is the purpose of a mascara but I feel like the brush is just too difficult to get used to and it's hard to use. The main problem I have is getting it on my lashes close to my nose. I end up getting it on my nose or not getting close enough which is annoying. :P


Seattle, WA


Great product, brush not stiff enough


This is a fantastic mascara, you just have to use it at the right angle. The brush is a little flimsy for what I like to do but when you get the feel for it is a very long lasting mascara and brushes each las well


Charleston, WV


Clinique High Lengths Mascara is clean


I decided to try Clinique High Lengths Mascara because I read a bunch of positive reviews about it in several magazines that I trust. I was really glad to try it, especially because I had never tried a Clinique mascara before, and I knew that it is 100% hypoallergenic (I have sensitive eyes and often wear contact lenses). Wow, what a great mascara! I am a bit of a mascara diva, so I am extremely picky as to what I apply to my precious eyelashes. The brush is possibly the best part. It seperates and defines each lash, and provides a smooth and even application. The mascara lengthened my lashes, and looked very natural. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who loves mascara as much as I do, and who is willing to pay more for a quality product. Clinique High Lengths Mascara was easy to apply and remove. It did not irritate my eyes in anyway, and I plan to continue to purchase this product in the future. Well worth the money!!!


Madison, WI


Clinique High Lengths Mascara


I absolutely fell in love with the Clinque High Lengths mascara! I got a free sample size of it in with a kit when I purchased so much in Clinque products and it is something that I will definitely go back and use again. I used the black colored mascara and absolutely loved how it worked. It did not get clumpy at all when I applied it. I thought it made my lashes look much longer and even a little thicker. I already have pretty long lashes without mascara but they are extremely pale. Since they are already fairly long some lengthening mascaras make my lashes look ridiculous and really fake but that was not the case at all with this Clinque mascara. I also really liked the brush that came with the mascara. I think that kept the lashes from clumping together and it tended to seperate the lashes as I applied the mascara. It did take some getting used to since there are only bristles on one side of the brush and they are a different texture but after after a few days I really liked it.


Albany, MN


Difficult to apply so I'm not sure if it's good or not


I am not sure who this mascara is intended for. I thought people like me--my lashes are light brown and shorter and finer than I'd like. But this mascara was really disappointing. The inflexible, strangely curved brush is horrible and I could rarely apply it without touching some edge of it to my skin. On top of that, I found it really difficult to apply from the base of my lashes all the way to the tips, something I have no trouble doing with normal applicators. When I finally did get it on my lashes, it didn't make them look all that long. And when wearing this mascara on long days, I found that it rubbed off onto my eye skin as the day went on. Raccoon eyes are definitely not a look I like to rock when I'm already worn out at the end of the day. Historically, I've found Clinique to be a really reliable makeup brand (great foundation, great eyeshadow, the best facial lotion I've ever had) but this mascara really fell short.


Minneapolis, MN


This mascara really works


When I approached the Clinique counter recently, I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for.  I just knew I need something different.  The representative and I started talking about what I might need or want.  I talked about my eye shadow issues.  After taking care of that, she, of course, suggested trying a mascara.  I didn't necessarily need it, but I thought it may be a good thing because of my eye sensitivities.  Clinique offers many choices when it comes to mascaras.  I thought I would try the lengthening one this time in black.  I really wasn't expecting much.  Most other mascaras promise to lengthen and really do nothing.  This one is not like that.  The first thing you will notice is that the brush is different than most other mascaras.  The bristles are short.  The representative explained to me how to use it since it was a little different.  I noticed a huge difference the first time using it.  I definitely would recommend this product to anyone who has shorter lashes.  It made a big difference in the lengths of mine. 


Washington, PA


The mascara's decent, but the brush is horrible!


I got this mascara as a free gift in my Clinique Bonus Bag that I received recently.  Some things in that bag have been either a hit or a miss, and this mascara isn't exactly a winner. What makes **Clinique High Lengths Mascara **unique is the brush - it's a long stem like a hummingbird's long, curved beak and it only has bristles on one little strip of the brush.  The bristles are actually like a comb, and they are in the inside of the curve so it makes applying the mascara a little difficult.  I really dislike the wand, but I'll get past that and move onto the mascara.  As you sweep the brush through your lashes, they do get lifted up nicely.  The style of the brush doesn't make it easy to apply more than one coat of mascara because it makes your lashes bind together.  They don't exactly clump, but they do get stuck together.  As for volume and length, I did get nice length and lift, but just a little volume.  I didn't get any clumps or globs on the brush, probably because it's a mini comb and couldn't hold any anyways.  Overall, I got nice length and lift, but I really can't stand the brush.  I would not buy it or recommend it because of the brush.


Camp Lejeune, NC


Clinique High Lengths Mascara

3.9 7