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Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Colour

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Beautiful, natural color that lasts!


Clinique sent me a free sample of this product and boy did that tactic work. I am completely hooked on this blush! The sample is .06 oz which is pretty generous considering the full size product is .31 oz. This blush comes in four shades - Peony, Posy, Almond Bloom, and Plum Poppy. The sample I received was Peony, which is a gorgeous, classic pink shade. Posy is a deeper pink, while Plum Poppy is a brighter pink. Almond Bloom,while still appearing to be a form of pink, is a bit more of a tawnie bronze shade. I have not tried any of the shades other than Peony yet, but I would be thrilled to have any of them in my makeup bag. The product says that it can be used as anywhere to get a beautiful "glow" all over, but I stick to using it as a regular blush. This looks so gorgeously natural. It does add a pinkness to your cheeks, but isn't strong enough to give you that dark stripe of pink (that I hate) that makes it blantantly obvious that you're wearing blush. It has a nice shimmer to it that isn't too sparkly, but catches the light beautifully to give you a dewy appearance. I've heard many complaints that this blush is very easy to break. On the Clinique site, many say theirs broke simply being carried around in their purse. From my experience, any makeup that is multiple shades in one metal well such as this is prone to breaking. Basically, the seams of the blush make it weaker and this is unfortunately a tradeoff you have to accept with a product like this. If you're very worried about it breaking, I recommend keeping this blush safe in your bathroom and choose another for your purse makeup. I've also heard about women grinding it up after it breaks and using it as a loose powder. Or you can accept that you won't get to use use every last bit of the product before needing to replace it. The only downside to this blush is that it is a bit on the pricey side, but I believe it is completely worth it. I can't wait until my birthday and Christmas because then I'm going to own one of every color! :)

Monticello, GA


Sheer touch of allover color


The Clinique Allover Fresh Bloom color is one of my everyday favorites.  It comes in four different color compacts ranging from a light peachy pink for the fairer skins to some plummy colors for those wanting more of a blush.  They even have a great bronzing shade.  The color goes on very sheer, which is nice, since you can add more to your cheeks for the desired color you want without having to wipe off excess.  There isn't a lot of shimmer in it, instead it has a soft luminous sheen.  When dusted over skin it just makes it seem to glow.  It's oil free which is great for all skin types.  It's versatile too.  I use it for cheek color, all over color (when I use the bronzing one) and I even use it for eyeshadows.  What a handy compact to have while traveling!  The only downfall I have encountered is that it is a softer type of powder which means that once you get down to the end of it (you start to see metal compact)  if you drop it, it will crack.  I speak of this from experienciong it 3 times.  Not too bad though, since compacts tend to crack when you get to the end of them anyway. 

Merrillville, IN


actually lasts throughout the day


So I just read the other review posted about this product, and now I feel stupid.  I didn't know this was a blush -- I've been using it as an eyeshadow!  In any case, I received the product (color: peony) for free in a bonus pack when buying another product...I'm glad I discovered it, because when I run out, I will definitely buy more!  The color is natural-looking, which works well with my pale coloring, and surprisingly lasts throughout the entire day!

Ann Arbor, MI


natural-looking glowy cheeks


If you're after a natural looking blush, try this, and maybe just like me you'd fall in love with its sheer and light pigments that create just the right flush and glow within look you're longing for. It looks and feels light yet surprisingly it is absolutely long-wearing! This product comes in 4 palettes: Almond Blossom, Peony, Plum Poppy, and Posy, and each is a mix of different highlighter and pinky shades that you swirl with a brush to give you the glowy but not shiny look. Very versatile, it does not only serve as a blush, you can use this too as bronzer or highlighter depending on which shade you swirled the brush with. But as for me, I'm very satisfied right now to use it as a blush.  

San Lorenzo, CA


Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Colour

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