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Clinique Colour Surge Eyeshadow Super Shimmer Strike It Rich

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Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow is not a good eye shadow!


The Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow was not a good long lasting eye shadow. The colors were very pretty in the case but they didnt go on very dark and it wasn't as sparkly as they advertised. I would not recommend this product.

Fort Walton Beach, FL


Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow sensitive, long lasting and fun


Clinique Color Surge Eye Shadow is incredibly smooth feeling, goes on so evenly and it does not smear or clump up towards the end of the day. All this plus it is very gentle and won't make even the most sensitive skin break out. You can try others but you will come back to this. The wide assortment of colors makes dressing for any occasion easy and fun as who does not feel great knowing they match and look good all over?

Riverside, CA




its great. i love it it pwns it goes on clearly and stays put when i wear it and put it on id buy more if i had the money but ill ask for it for christmas i love it you guys did a great job makeing it and picking out such pretty colours i wouldnt wear a different eye colour shaddow thingy because it is great my friends all love it and want to borrow it from me they are so so so so silly because this is my eye cream makeup shaddow that is blue and di i say it was great honestly a round of applause for you i dont know what id do if you made a different make up or you dodnt invent this eye shaddow you deserver the nobel prize saving the orld one shade a t a time all i can say is wow wow how did you guys do it i could never have thought of something this brilliant its unfathomable ambience deliverence angelic and it makes me look soo sexy my boyfriend cant keep his hands to himself and once again thank you

Sioux City, IA




I'm a person that likes to try new things. When I first tried this product I was amazed at how luminious it made my eyes appear. The luscious color and shimmer mix together to make the eyes pop. Even if you are not very experienced with applying make-up you can't go wrong. I have bought this for friends and family and they just love it. If you have young girls experimenting with make-up for the first time this is a very good product to introduce the world of make-up to them. Best though is to start them off with suddle browns and tan colors. When they get more experienced and practical introduce them to bright' creamy colors. On an adult note this shimmer eye shadow is AMAZING for night out on the towns, clubbing, parties, and dates. It gives you confideneces and you can really work it in these flattering colors. If you want attention you can get it with this eye catching popping awesomness of these extremely vibrant colors.

Conneaut, OH


Clinique Colour Surge Eyeshadow Super Shimmer Strike It Rich

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