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Clinique Clarifying Makeup Clear Skin Formula

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Not suited for dryer skin.


Although I am getting older, I still have hormonally related breakouts on occasion. I had hoped that this makeup would help control the random pimple. And indeed it did, but at the expense of my already dry skin. The drying and flakiness were not an acceptable trade-off for me. For a teen girl or someone with significantly oily skin I bet it would be great.

Hartsville, SC


Beware of hot and humid temps...


I tried Clinique Clarifying Makeup Clear Skin Formula and it is not the make-up for me.  I actually believe that it made my skin worst with overall usage.  I'm not sure if it is because of my naturally oily skin but I started breaking out more when I started using it.  The make-up application is very easy to do but I did not find the make-up stayed on all day.  The make-up does not hold up to the east coast heat and humidity during the hot summer months.  I noticed that the make-up itself has a tendency to separate inside the tube.  During hot months the oil separates from the color so when you go to squeeze out the make-up you get a tiny stream of oil first which is gross.  You don't want to use too much or make-up will end up looking cakey.  .   I just use a make-up remover towelette and wipe everything off so that seems to be the only positive aspect of the makeup is that it comes off easily.  It is a quick and simple process to apply the make-up as well as a quick and simple process to remove the make-up.

Oceanside, CA


Clinique Clarifying Makeup Clear Skin Formula works Wonders!


I have used this makeup frequently because no matter what I do, I continue to struggle with troublesome skin.  My main problem is that my face can be oily within minutes of washing it.  This makeup contains medicine to help keep my face matte when it would usually become an oily shiny mess.  I do like to use this makeup, but I have found that if I go a little bit without using it that the makeup will split into its separate parts, and I try to shake the bottle, but it never really reliquifies the way it is supposed to.  Also, the matte feature works better when you first open the bottle and as time goes on it seems so does the ability of the makeup to keep your face matte.  Nevertheless, this makeup is wonderful for oily faces like mine, because it does really help to keep some of the oil out of my face, and provides a beautiful coverage.  It can be hard to adequately match shades, but that is something that differs with sales people.

Valparaiso, IN


Excellent for acne sufferers.


As a (former) sufferer of very severe acne, I had tried Clinique's Clarifying Makeup several years ago and though my skin has cleared up since, I still remain a faithful user of this product for several reasons:  - I have combination skin and this lends a nice matte finish to my t-zone but is not drying on my "normal" areas.  - The coverage is buildable. This is important to me as I love a full-coverage foundation (it's a habit, I guess, from all those years of covering up my cystic acne). However, even with full coverage, it still feels light.  - The price is not bargain basement, but as far as foundations go, this is one of the more affordable ones. Plus, a little goes a long way, so one tube will last a LONG time.  A little tip: Using a foundation brush will help keep the product from drying and caking up on your skin and will help to dispense a more proper amount on certain areas (for example, it is best to stipple it onto areas of concern as opposed to "wiping" the brush over it). Though the color range is a bit limited, I'm fortunate enough that they carry a color that matches my skin perfectly.

Garden City, NY


Clinique Clarifying Makeup is the best for oily, acne-prone skin


I have been using Clinique's Clarifying Makeup Clear Skin Formula for years, and it is the absoute best, most irreplaceable foundation I have ever found for use with my very oily, acne-prone skin. It contains 0.5% salicylic acid -- the only makeup I've ever encountered with this feature -- which helps to keep my skin clear and reduce oiliness even when I'm wearing foundation. It goes on as a liquid but quickly dries to a near powder, though with excellent yet lightweight coverage. The one downside to this is that you practically have to wash your face and start over if you mess up the initial application and don't fix it before the foundation dries as it is not in the slightest bit oily or blendable at that point. However, for someone with naturally oily skin such as my own, it's worth this small negative point in exchange for such a non-oily foundation. Despite my acne-prone skin, I rarely even use a concealer to hide blemishes, as layering this foundation works just as well or better than any conceler I've ever had. Plus, it's the only foundation I've ever used that stays put throughout the day and comes even close to keeping my skin from getting majorly oily by the day's end. Love it!

Memphis, TN


Clinique Clarifying Makeup Clear Skin Formula

3.8 5