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Clinique City Base Compact Foundation SPF 15

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Wonderful Coverage


Clinique City Base foundation offers very smooth coverage. I, personally, use the Honeymilk shade and consider it my most consistently favorite foundation. The cosmetic sponge included with the foundation works well enough as an applicator, but it is not a sponge of the quality I would expect with a Clinique foundation. The foundation, as stated above, goes on smooth. I have larger pores across my nose and leading up to it on my upper cheekbones. The coverage of City Base manages to work well at covering up inconsistencies in this area as well as the more easily managed areas of my face. I have skin tone inconsistencies and the occasionl imperfection to conceal. As long as the imperfection isn't a major occurence, the foundation works fine as a stand alone. My skin tone ends up looking very smooth and consistent with my appropriate shade of City Base. Blush loads well on top of the product as well!

East Dubuque, IL


My go-to makeup for years!


Like a lot of women, my head gets easily turned by the promise of something new and better. So I cheat on my standby and try the new stuff. But with foundation, I always come back to my true love --- this Clinique City Base compact. The coverage is excellent. It's creamy. Easy to apply. Stays on all day. Why do I even stray?

Hartsville, SC


Clinique foundation doesn't cover well


My friend bought some Clinique items and then received many free items in return.  One of those items was the Clinique compact foundation.  She said that she didn't like it because it was too light.  Since I'm fair-skinned I thought I would give it a try.  But I realized by "light" she meant that it doesn't cover spots well, and she was right.  I don't the most perfect complexion, so I need a foundation that will smooth out my face.  This one does not do that for me.  Since I'm cheap, I decided that I'll just use it until it's finished and put on a lot of powder to help with smoothing my complexiion, but I'm really looking forward to being done with this.  It also leaves my face feeling greasy which I don't need.  If it's the slightest bit warm outside I feel the greasiness come on.  So if you have a perfect complexion and do not have oily skin, this will be a great foundation for you.  If not, then you should probably look elsewhere. 

Alexandria, VA


Clinique City Base Compact Foundation SPF 15

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