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Clinique Brow shaper, shaping taupe

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Brow shaper is a great product!!


I purchased one of these Clinique brow shapers several years ago in taupe. It is a great product and it lasts forever. There is a little brush included that helps shape the brow to the shape you are trying to achieve. I had an issue with one of the Clinique products that was so intense, they sent me an adverse event form to fill out and asked for the product back. After they got the product, they sent me a nice letter apologizing for my allergy to their product and asked if there were any products from Clinique that I would like to have as a gift. I gave them a list of what I was using and told them to pick what they wanted me to have. At the time, I was using a variety of products and it was just too hard to choose. So, I got a few really nice products and one of them was the shaping brow in the charcoal. I appreciate having two colors to choose from and I appreciate Clinique for going the extra mile for me. I not only recommend this brow shaper, but the Clinique line as well. If there is an issue and you let them know, they are more than fair.

SmallTown, TX


Gives you natural looking brows!


I actually have this in the color Charcoaled but it is an amazing product! I have black hair so it is hard to find a color dark enough yet does not look too harsh. This fit the bill perfectly. It is in powder form and comes with a small brush. Although I read some bad reviews about the brush, I found that it works fine for me. It is so easy to use so I don't have to waste too much time on it in the morning. I have sparse brows so this fills them out giving them a natural look. However, if you have some empty spots from a tweezing accident, this may not be ideal for you (or you can go over them with a pencil). It is best if you already nicely shaped brows but need a little more definition. Also, it may look like a regular sized container but it actually contains a lot of product. I have had it for about a year, use it every day, and it still looks like I have barely touched it. It is definitely worth the price!

Brooklyn, NY


lasts forever


I have two of  Cliniques brow shapers  for awhile now, because it has been one of the longest lasting cosmetic items I have ever owned.   I got one as a gift and of course the wonderful additional items this brand offers when you often purchase something, made it even a bigger incentive to get it.   It is in powder form with a small brush applicator, and hopefully, still of the same formula and on the market in department stores.   I have applied it dry, and used drops of water if I wanted it darker, or longer lasting.  Even though my hair is dark, I did not get the darkest shade.  I got the dark brownish color and it works better in my opinion.  Of course you can try getting two colors and matching it to your hair color.  The one drawback is, I lost the applicators, and one had fallen apart from my treatment of it.  I had to end up using another hard brush which did not work as well.  I am not sure if there is another way you can apply it.  I had tried two other brands before, and was dissatisfied with the color and look.  Pencils will not in my opinion last the same, or look as natural.  Yes, someone thought I had nice natural brows.

New York, NY


Clinique Brow shaper, shaping taupe

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