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Clinique Acne Solutions Antibacterial Face and Body Soap

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this stuff is great


the acne solution is wonderful. my skin never felt so soft and gentle. i use it all the time. it is way better than dove. the body soap is wonderful also. th soap makes my skin feel so gentle and smooth. i love it

Chesapeake, VA


Will never use anything but Clinique Acne Solutions Bar Soap


This product, along with the othe Clinique Acne products, answered all my problems! I tried so many different products promising to get rid of breakouts and blemishes, but they either didnt work, irratated my skin or even made the breakouts worse. I saw a difference with my skin within a week of using the Clinique acne line. The bar soap last forever and get your skin super clean with out over drying or irrating. I would recommend it to the world!

Seattle, WA


I love my clinique face soap


I've dealt with acne, breakouts, and combination skin since I was a student in high school. I've tried a lot of different types of soaps. There was always something I didn't like about those soaps. Either I felt like the soaps didn't do a good job of cleaning my face, or I would feel like they were too drying. I do have combination skin, with oily and dry spots, but even if a soap did dry up my oily parts, I can't have it drying up my dry spots too much. Then I'm left with flaking, itchiness, dry patches, redness, et cetera. The Clinique face soap was such a great find for me. It did dry up my oily spots of my face, but didn't completely dry out my dry spots, which is wonderful. And I have not had any issues with breaking out since I've been using this soap. It's great because I don't have to be self conscious about my acne or breakouts. One bar of soap lasts me quite a long time, and came with a little soap box.

Rockwall, TX


Clinique famous quality acne prevention soap for face and body


I have been struggling with moderate acne breakouts for about 3 years now. This soap truely made my breakouts almost nonexistant. I use the soap on my face and my body daily. Though the effects do not occur overnight, like some products falsly claim, with consistent use, I noticed my acne cleared up almost completely within one week of using the Clinique acne soap. I sincerely reccommend you purchase this product if you or your child experience mild to moderate acne breakouts.

Cumming, GA


Clinique Acne Solutions Antibacterial Face and Body Soap WORKS


The teenage yeas can be a troubling time. I remember when I was a teenager. I was unhappy with myself. I had acne on my face and was never going to grow any taller. It was depressing to be called short or have people say "little person" to me. Of course I could not do alot about my height.  One girl in class handed me a note that said "I don't think I can be your friend beacuse you have acne" That hurt , but I wrote back and told her I don't want her to be my friend if she could not accept me like I am". It is funny because she did become my friend anyway. I remember these experiences as a teenager. I now have a teenage granddaugter who has had a little acne. I wanted to help her. It is so important to feel  good about yourself. So I took her to tthe makeup counter at my department store. The consultant there recommended the  ** **Clinique Acne Solutions Antibacterial Face and Body Soap. My granddaughter took the soap home and began to use it. After ony a couple weeks the acne started to clear up and her skin looked beautiful. She is so happy and that maked me happy.

Stockton, CA


Clinique Acne Solutions Antibacterial Face and Body Soap

4.2 5