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Clearly Contacts

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Very unprofessional. Horrible experience!


I ordered my glasses thru clearly contacts. When I orderd, they got back saying it's not in stock, which the website said it was, so they have to order, and it'll take 10 days. Fine. Got my glasses 3 weeks later. They got my prescriptions wrong. Gave me a huge headache. A week later they gave me email saying pay up. I called them back and emailed saying that I'm not going to pay until the issue with my lense is fixed. They said, go get review from lense crafters to ensure that it is the lense that's giving me a headache. Which I did. Then called them again. Told them what lense crafters wrote down for the prescription of the lense. Which is incorrect from what I provided them. They said, I need to order a new one while they process the order of returns. I said no, and requested a return of glasses. They said okay, here's your return process order and shipping code. I printed it out and returned mailed it back 3 days after I receive the info in email. One week goes by I suddenly get phone call from collection agency. Told them I returned the glasses, they wouldn't believe me. I continually get harrassed by collection agency saying pay up. 5 days after initial call, I get email from clearly contacts saying that they recieved my shippment, and it'll take them a few more days to process and determine if I owe them anything. Next day, I got an email from their lawyer saying I could potentially be sued. I wrote back saying that they are a bunch of idiots who do not communicate with each other. Another day goes by, I get an email from clearly contact saying I don't owe them anything. Forwarded that email to their lawyer, and heard nothing from them again. Totally unprofessional. Viet Vancouver BC

Seattle, WA


Clearly Contacts

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