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Clearasil Stress Control

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it keeps my acne to a low but does not work completely.


Well I started using this product (Clearasil stress control) around two years ago and it worked really well at first but now my skin has gotten used to it so it doesn't work as well as I believe it should. I still have acne but it is pretty much controled. It is not as bad as it was before but is still not fully gone. It leaves my face feeling tingly clean and minty fresh but it also leaves it feeling kind of dry. The cream wash is very gentle on my face but makes it dry. The scrub is a very deep cleansing face wash but you can't use it more then once a week otherwise it will dry out your face completely. I usually use the cream wash everyday and the scrub once a week, but i also need to use a seperate moisturizer so that my skin isn't as dry. I would recconmend this product to a friend if they wanted to control they're acne but if they wanted completely clear skin then I wouldn't because it just minimizes it.

Clinton, MA


Clearasil Stress Control

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