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Clearasil Deep Clean for Sensitive Skin

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Not for me, but my teenage son can use it.


I'm in my early thirties and I still suffer from breakouts. I'm always trying new products and this face wash from Clearasil is one that I recently gave a chance. For some reason I have a bad reaction to some ingredient in Clearasil products. I had the same issue years ago when I tried an acne cream Clearasil makes. It kind of causes my face to feel like it's burning, a little itchy, and I end up with red blotches. Obviously, after one use I stopped using Clearasil Deep Clean for Sensitive Skin. My thirteen year old son, who has just started getting mild breakouts used this though and really liked it. It's strange to me because he has extremely sensitive skin and just about every face wash causes blotchiness on his cheeks. This however did not. I guess it just depends on your individual skin. Effectiveness This didn't really have a chance to be effective for me because I could only use it the one time. However for my teenage son it was quite effective. Ease of Application This is very simple to apply, like any other face wash. Convenience This is no less convenient than other face washes. Side Effects I guess it depends on your individual skin because I had some uncomfortable side effects while my son had none. Immediacy This worked pretty quickly for my son.

Southfield, MI


Great For On The Go.


Overall I think that this is a pretty good product. It's easy to use, it doesn't have any side effects, it doesn't leave any unpleasant residue behind. It's quick easy and does exactly what it claims to do. Effectiveness I found it to be quite effective immediately, it made my skin feel clean and cleansed. Although the effect didn't last all that long, you would need to be using this twice a day for the effect to really last. Ease of Application I found it incredibly easy to apply. There is no preparation and you can just throw it on and it works pretty quickly and doesn't leave any residue on your skin either, which can be quite irritating with some products. Convenience I found this to be pretty convenient. There isn't any preparation to using it, you can just use it on the go in a few minutes and that's that. Side Effects I can't say that I noticed any side effects with this product personally. Immediacy I did work immediately and left my skin feeling clean and cleansed instantly. A nice feeling to have I might add.



Inexpensive and works great, definitely worth trying


I've experimented with a lot of different acne products all over the price range and I really like this one.  I've used it almost every day for about 2 months now.  It's inexpensive and gentle, and it leaves my skin feeling exceptionally soft and clean.  I still get the occasional pimple, but nothing serious, so I think it works pretty well.  My blackheads are also looking more clear.  I've never had a problem with it over-drying or irritating my skin.  I can easily use it 2-3 times per day because it is so mild.  Definitely worth trying.

Hinton, VA


buy it if u need it


**Never suffered from acne until I went to a salon in San francisco. I don't know what product or combination they used there but since then, I have these break out every now and then. So, after 2 visits with my doctors with no successful results, I used Clearasil Clearasil Deep Clean for sensitive skin and clearasil acne and it worked. But still it is like getting addicted to these kind of stuff. You have to use it on a regular basis in order to get where you want. The negative point is when do you stop buying these products? I have been using it for what? 2 years? when I stop they come back. Really?!!  I mean does it really exist a product that can cure once and for all acne or the break outs? ** **Anyway I am looking for a better product. Overall, it is a good product and very refreshing but still. That's why I would have some restrictions recommending it to somebody else unless it is appropriate, but it works well.** ****

San Diego, CA


I've tried almost everything on the market; This cleared my skin


I've tried all the prescription and over-the-counter acne treaments available.  I was amazed that within a week of using the Clearasil Deep Cleansing cleanser for Sensitive Skin my adult acne cleared up and, now after 2 months of continual use, I don't have to be afraid of what my skin will look like in the morning! :)

Englewood, TN


Clearasil Deep Clean for Sensitive Skin

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