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Clear Passage
Clear Passage Nasal Strips

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Cheaper than Breathe Rite


Do you use Breathe Rite nasal strips?  If so, you might want to check these out.  I am a pretty faithful Breathe Rite user and have been for many years (I was using them back when no one believed they worked and couldn't figure them out).  Anyway, a few years back I tried Clear Passage (so did my kids when they were sick) and we didn't like them because they didn't always stay stuck down over night and then they left glue on our noses when we took them off.  But my husband kept pointing out that they were much cheaper than Breathe Rite.  So a few months ago I saw some on a discount aisle and figured we could live with them for the price so I bought 3 boxes.  I'm glad I did.  They seemed to have worked out the glue problem because none of it was left on my nose.  And while I did have a bit of a problem getting them to stick, I just had to be sure I cleaned my nose well first and then when I applied them I had to hold them on for about 30 seconds before I let them go.  That worked fine and I don't mind them at all now, altho I honestly prefer the Breathe Rite.  But for the price, the Clear Passage may be the way to go.


Talihina, OK


Clear Passage Nasal Strips

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