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Clear My Head
Clear My Head Herbal Inhalation

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Doesn't work...


My husband will become congested with no warning...Just all of a sudden his head fills up and he is then all "stuffed up" for an hour or so..Thought this would help but it was worthless. Buy it if you want a somewhat nice smelling potpourri, but does not work on sinus congestion...



Fantastic herbal product for colds and alleries


Clear My Head Herbal Inhalation is a custom blend of seven pure essential oils and all natural herbs. It helps open sinuses. It kills airborne pathogens, (Bacteria, Viruses). It  also reduces secondary infections! Clear My Head is great for Colds, Flu & Allergy Sufferers. And it's easy to use! Just uncap and inhale as needed or use in a steam treatment for severe sinusitis. Clear My Head Herbal Inhalation is economical! A jar will last up to 2 years when used as suggested. If you're tired and unable to concentrate, try Clear My Head. The invigorating scent will give you a 'mental wake up call' so you can face your days activities It's great for home and office use too! It's available on line, at most spa's, and select stores.

Rock Hill, SC


Clear My Head Herbal Inhalation

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