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Clear Eyes
Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops 1.0 oz

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Fast relief of red eyes giving you something to really see


Glasses, computer screens, lack of sleep or even tears can bring redness to my eyes. Finding it particularly bad one day I asked to borrow my contact lens wearing husband's **Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops** 1.0 oz to see if they could at least make my eyes bright and clear enough to leave the house.  He told me it would help and it did, so here's your three favorite words, "You were right." And it's in writing! ***Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops ingredients***: active ingredient Naphazoline Hydrochloride (0.012 percent, for eye redness relief) and Glycerin (0.2 percent, for lubricant). Inactive ingredients include Benzalkonium Chloride (preservative), Boric Acid, Edetate Disodium (preservative), Water Purified, and Sodium Borate.  **Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops **provided quick, gently relief from my red eyes due to strain.  I admit that since then I have used them on more than one occasion to provide relief from red eyes and this eye drop take just a drop or two and a minute or two to provide relief and a more attractive appearance.  Even at a funeral, now that is red eye relief!       

Houston, TX


Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops 1.0 oz

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