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Clear Eyes
Clear Eyes Contact Lens Relief

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Great for dry contact lens sufferers


I purchased Clear Eyes Contact Lens relief because my contacts seem to dry up while Im driving. I had a few options, but this was the only product that had "soothing" on it. My eyes are sore and dry, and I wanted something that was going to help both! As soon as I put the Clear Eyes in, I noticed a difference. It was like I had a brand new pair of contacts in, thats how well it worked! The best part was a few hours later, my eyes were still great! I had figured I would need to add drops again, but I didnt! I went the whole day with eyes that felt good and I oculd see out of my contacts! It only took 1-2 drops, thats whats great. You wont have to use half the bottle in just a few applications, the bottle will last a long time! The price was good too, at 3.99 a bottle, it was the lowest price of the eye drops I looked at. Im always looking for a bargain or sale, and this was not on sale, but the price was perfect! I would definetly buy Clear Eyes again, it really did its job!  

Winfield, IL


Clear Eyes: decent, low-cost eye drops


I wear contacts and have very dry eyes. My eyes often get dry even when I'm not wearing my contacts! I use eye drops daily, sometimes a few times a day. Pollen, indoor heating and dry air make my eyes even drier than usual. I also work in front of a computer, which doesn't help. I've tried various brands of eye drops. I decided to try Clear Eyes Contact Lens Relief because they were low-priced. The product is supposed to refresh and lubricate eyes and to re-wet and clear contact lenses. I found the product to be okay - it did re-wet and refresh my eyes, but I always seemed to need to use it again within a short amount of time. They also didn't sting or burn my eyes - I've had that happen with a couple of brands. As I mentioned, I have extremely dry eyes - these drops would probably be fine for the average contact lens user. I would recommend trying them, as they are reasonably priced, but if you are like me and have very dry eyes, they might not work well for you.

Cincinnati, OH


Clear Eyes Contact Lens Relief

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