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Clean & Clear
Clean & Clear Morning Burst In-Shower Facial Cleanser

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Morning Burst In Shower Facial is not so hot.


I recently purchased the Clean & Clear Morning Burst in Shower Facial at my local grocery store. It intrigued me because it was something new and different, and I enjoy trying new things. The first thing that I noticed is that it didn't feel the way on my face that I would have expected. The "citrusy" morning burst products usually give your face all the same feeling, but this one had a really strange and weak mint sensation. The scent didn't smell so great either. Also, It takes A LOT of this product to use it properly. The directions say to cover your face in a thick layer without rubbing it in. In order to do this correctly you have to use so much of the product that it runs out within the first 6-7 uses.  The facial has lots of little beads in it that do not dissolve and do not rinse off easily. You may feel like you have rinsed properly (even if you have scrubbed your face with a wash cloth) only to find out once you get out of the shower and have dried that your face is still COVERED in particles. It's so gross! Plus, sometimes you find them in other places on your body that have cracks and crevices (like your elbows, and between your fingers). Lastly, you are not supposed to have to use face wash after using this product. But if you don't, your skin feels icky all day long. I don't recommend this product. 

Johnstown, OH


Love the Burst


I am currently using  the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Cleanser and In Shower Facial.  Though the Cleanser is just okay, the In Shower Facial is awesome!  As suggested, I use it only two or three times weekly, and those two or three cleansings are the best ones I get all week.  Typically I dab the facial on right  before I apply my conditioner, so it has a couple minutes to sit and work its magic.  Once it's had some time to sit, then you rub it with your fingertips, and you can feel the exfoliating beads rev up on your skin.  It takes a little extra rinsing compared to some facials and regular cleansers, or you will have exfoliating beads left behind.  However, my skin feels so incredibly clean and smooth afterwards.  I saw a tip on a beauty vlog once to apply a pore strip afterwards, while your pores are opened, and this has worked terrific as well!  I highly recommend purchasing the Morning Burst in Shower Facial (just don't think you have to get the cleanser to go with it).

Lindsborg, KS


Failure On All Levels


I love Morning Burst by Clean & Clear and have used it for 5 years. LOVE IT! When I saw there was an in-shower facial, I was excited! I wash my face in the shower and it's my favorite brand? Pass it over! **How It Works** You apparently use steam to help the cleansing process. You apply the mud (it's hardly a liquid) to your face, wait a minute, then massage it into your skin before washing it away. **My Experience** Like I said, I was thrilled for this product! When I first used it, I checked out the directions  and was shocked. It wasn't really a daily wash. It was a facial cleanser that could only be used 1-3 times per week. I wash my face once a day, so it wasn't really effective at that point. Already that's one strike. When I first used it, I noticed how hard it was to (1) apply it to my face avoiding my eyes without a mirror (do most showers have mirrors?) and (2) wait that minute before massaging it in. Massaging it in was fine, and washing it off fine...but I felt dirty. It never matters how long I massage or leave the cream on my face prior to massaging. It never makes me feel clean. I have normal skin - not too oil, not too dry, not too sensitive - so that shocked me. What happened to my favorite cleaner?  **More Poor Reality** If you read down a little bit, you'll notice the sunburn notice -- this product increases your chance of a sunburn and you should avoid sun exposure/use sunscreen for a week after you stop using the product. WHAT? So...technically this product can increase my chance of skin cancer! (/drama) And that citrus smell? Don't expect it to be as strong as the regular Morning Burst cleanser. It's not. I hardly would even call it a scent. It was a HINT of citrus. That's it!  **Summary** Leave this product on the shelf.  It's not worth even the sample...if you get one. It's a product that doesn't work and isn't worth the hassles. While you should always wear sunscreen, any product that is used only 1-3 times per week yet increases my risk of sun burn/skin cancer isn't worth the risk.  I have had this product for the last two weeks, used it 6 times, and I cannot wait to throw it into the trash.   

Olathe, KS


Clean and Clear Morning Burst In-Shower Facial is the ultimate!


Clean and Clear's Morning Burst In-Shower Facial is a terrific way to clean deep but clean fast. It only takes one minute in the shower for this formula to work deep down into the pores and get out all of the yucky stuff. The facial has the texture of a facial scrub and also has an amazing citrus scent that REALLY wakes you up. Once you're in the shower, you wet your face and put the In-Shower facial on. You only have to leave it on for a minute but sometimes I go as long as five. Next, you rub the facial into your skin, almost as if you're using a facial scrub and rinse it off. Afterward, I suggest using a liquid exfoliating agent and moisturizer for optimal results. I really have nothing bad to say about this product. It does exactly what is advertised- cleans deeply and easily while in the shower. It's amazing how you don't even have to use it every day to get great results. The only thing that slightly annoys me is that the particles sometimes stick so much all over my body and it takes a while to wash them all off. Also, be careful of your sun exposure while using this product, especially when you first start it. Other than that, I really advise you to try this product.

Covington, VA


Clean & Clear Morning Burst In-Shower Facial Cleanser

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