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Classy Kid
Classy Kid Boo-Boo Juice Topical Wound Cleanser

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Boo-Boo Juice stops the pain of cuts and abrasions.


Boo-Boo juice turns tears into giggles. My grand daughter who is now six loves Boo-Boo juice. I have been using this ever sense she was old enough to play outside. When she recieves a scrap and is in tears she always ask for the Boo-Boo juice. It not only stops the pain, it cleans the wound , kills germs and helps prevent infections. She thinks the name is funny sounding so I always repeat it a few times while cleaning the scrape, that starts the giggles. It even has a nice strawberry scent to it that lingers well after the Boo-Boo Juice has dried.


Bloomington, IN


Classy Kid Boo-Boo Juice Topical Wound Cleanser

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