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Clarins Lisse Minute Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Makeup Base By Clarins

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Clarins primer is one of the best!


This is one of the best primers (make up bases) I have ever used. It smooths and softens those little expression lines above the eyes, on the forehead, and even the squinchy laugh lines. My face looks several years younger after simply applying the primer! But what is really great is the way my foundation stays in place and looks good all day, because it attaches to the primer like an anchor instead of vanishing into your skin. Eye makeup stays in place much better. too. It's silly to spend a lot of money on blush, foundation, powder, bronzer, etc. only to have it disappear because you skipped the primer! I first tried this at a Clarins counter during a makeover. I'm so glad I bought this as one of my immediate product buys. It's a product that makes a dramatic impact on your looks for relatively little money. Once you try it you will wonder how you ever got ready in the morning without it!

Yakima, WA


Helps makeup last all day


I really like Clarins products. They are more expensive than other brands, but worth it! I received this base as a Christmas gift and was not sure I would actually use it. I thought it was just hype. However, I really enjoyed it and have bought more. I see a noticeable difference in the way my face looks with it on. I apply this base everyday before I put on my makeup. My makeup looks very polished and feels smooth. I don't like to wear heavy makeup, and this base feels very light under my foundation. My makeup stays on all day and does not fade. You do not have to apply much to your face - just a dab. I would recommend this to anyone who is busy and does not have time to freshen up during the day - apply your makeup in the morning, and you will be surprised to see that you still look fresh at 8 pm. One container lasts a long time, so it makes up for the cost. I have had my recent container for a year now. 

Fredericksburg, VA


Clarins Lisse Minute Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Makeup Base By Clarins

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