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Clairol Natural Instincts Vibrant Permanent Hair Color 5, Coffee Boost, Medium Brown 1 Kit

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Does a nice job


Though this wasn't my first choice when I went to the store to buy hair dye, I am glad I gave it a try. It did a great job of brightening up my hair and making it look so healthy! It also ended up feeling a lot softer than I expected, which was a great added bonus since some home hair dyes make my hair feel unhealthy and processed. I loved how it made my hair look and it lasted for a decent amount of time, all for a pretty good price. I would recommend it for home touch-ups and for basic dye jobs. Effectiveness I thought this did a great job of a basic dye job on my hair. It wasn't quite salon quality, but it was so simple to do by myself and it made my hair look really beautiful. I was so happy with the results! Ease of Application This was very easy to apply by myself. It was a little tricky in some places and I did end up with some on my skin, but the discoloration faded fairly quickly. You may want to ask for help if you're new to dying your own hair!




Less damaging, less time, more shine!


In only 10 minutes color your hair with complete gray coverage. Less damaging than regular permanent hair color. Vibrant shades & lots of shine. Work fast - a definite plus! Hair color is runny - maybe I didn't shake the bottle enough? I made a huge mess but very happy with the end result! I've tried Revlon's 10 minute hair color & didn't like it. I got great results with Clairol's though. You get a packet of "color refresher" and another pair of gloves to use in 2 weeks after you've colored. I didn't think I'd need the gloves. Wrong. I left the color refresher on for 7 minutes. I was left with a red tint that didn't cover my roots that were already showing. Effectiveness Didn't care for the color refresher leaving my hair red. The shade I chose was neutral so I wouldn't have the red head problem. I was loving the shade until I used the color refresher. It left my scalp a orangey color & my hair red. Quite a bit washed out the following day but it's still red. I'm surprised it didn't cover my roots at all. How can I have roots only 2 weeks after coloring? Ease of Application Messy! Very runny. I got hair color all over my bathroom! I'm hoping I just didn't shake the bottle long enough. The mess I made is enough to deter me from reaching for this box again!


Chesterton, IN


Clairol Natural Instincts Vibrant Permanent Hair Color 5, Coffee Boost, Medium Brown 1 Kit

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