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Shampoo for Damaged Hair
Clairol Herbal Essences Break's Over Strengthening Shampoo

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Smells good, looks pretty, cleans hair extremely well


Herbal Essences Break's Over Strengthening Shampoo is not my normal shampoo but I've used it on multiple occasions when my normal shampoos were unavailable or while traveling. I admit the periwinkle color of the bottle was initially off-putting but the shampoo scent more than makes up for the odd bottle color. One of the best parts of using this shampoo is its scent. My hair smelled wonderful following use of Herbal Essences' Breaks Over Strengthening Shampoo. Packaging aside, Herbal Essences Break's Over Strengthening Shampoo does a great job cleaning your hair. The cleaning process stripped my thick, coarse hair of anything bad that was in it. Unfortunately, the cleaning process stripped my hair of all the good things in it, leaving my hair with a not so silky feeling and a case of frizz. It made it difficult to get a brush through post shampooing. The use of lots of conditioner did not help either. I would recommend that this product be used for people who have oily hair or for those seeking deep cleaning shampoo.



herbal essences:this shampoo controls the hair falling


Hi iam going to tell about Herbal essences..!!!  This product is very useful for who are suffering from hair-falling problem. And also usefull who having the weak hair.It is very nice chance to strong our hair... Till now i have a feeling shampoo is used to clean the dust.But now by using this shampoo iam believing shampoo will plays a vital role to causing and solving so-many issues. Before i use this shampoo i am facing many difficulties with my hair..like lot of hair-falling,weak hair,rough hair,damaged hair etc.. Now iam  giving suggestions to my  friends how are sufiring with some hair-falling etc you can try this shampoo..

Fremont, CA


herbal essence lover


I have tried alot of shampoo over the past few months for strenghtening and conditioing and this is by far the best one I have tried for the money.and it really smells good,mango scent.You can get the matching conditioner also and your hair will be really soft and manageable.I had alot of split ends about two weeks ago and the shampoo is already starting to repair my hair.Its really amazing and my hair is starting to look amazing again without costing an arm in the leg.At around 4.00 a bottle you cant beat that. I have also noticed alot more shine in my hair and less frizzyness from being dry.So if you have dry,frizzy damaged or split ends this is the shampoo for you.It will amaze you and you will be happy you tried it.It also makes your hair very,very soft and shiney.The shampoo is in a purple bottle and has a matching conditioner.Thanks for reading my review and I hope his information helpe you. 

Nunnelly, TN


Smells Great but just not sure it does what it says


I hate to admit it but I've noticed that my hair has breakage now that I'm older,  So I will try anything at least once to find the ultimate cure or at least keep age at bay.  I have been using Herbal Esscences Break's Over (both shampoo & conditioner) for about two weeks now and I'm just not sure it's doing anything to stop the breakage.  However, it does a nice job cleaning & conditioning my hair and smells very nice (but I'm not moaning in the shower as depicted in th commercials!).  So I recommend it just don't get your hopes too high.

Sykesville, MD


The Break is Over


I love this stuff!!  Like most women, I highlight and lowlight my hair once a month.  As you can imagine, it some times needs to be shown some love!  As such, I'm constantly on the look out for a shampoo conditioner to repair the damage done to it.  I have "fine" hair so I have to balance the need to correct the damage with the desire to not have something weigh it down.  I purchased Herbal Essance "Breaks Over" in the purple bottle a couple of weeks ago.  With not a lot of hope that it wouldn't end up in the massive collection under my sink, I tried it and within a couple of days was in love with it!  I have been using this product for a several weeks now, and it has really helped my hair feel soft and healthy.  It's a thicker shampoo than I'm used to, but the return is a great lather!  It feels like it rinses clean.  In the last couple of weeks, I've noticed that my hair is breaking less, seems stronger, and the ends less damaged.    

Lithia, FL


Clairol Herbal Essences Break's Over Strengthening Shampoo

4.0 5