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Clairol Balsam Color, Dark Brown #615

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good, but needs a "for thick hair" kind.


I love this hair dye! The color doesn't fade as fast as the other kinds of dye. The only problem is that I have thick hair. I have to buy two to three bottles of this dye to cover all my hair. If they sold the same kind of dye, for around the same price, and made it for "thick hair types", I would never have another complaint. But over all, it's the best out there. As I have said earlier, it doesn't fade and I forgot to mention, it doesn't leave your hair hard to handle and the smell is tolerable. I love it!!



Good Choice at a Good Price


I have used this color many times and I find that for a very reasonable price in most places this is a very good choice. I have found that this works just as good as the more expensive dyes. There are very simple instructions included, the is almost no mess during the mixing process and there are gloves included for convenience. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone. Effectiveness I use this dye not only for the color but also for grey coverage and this always works very well for me in both areas. I have also noticed that this color last just as long as its more expensive counter parts. Also I have long thick hair and this color always covers well without leaving spots that dont take as well. Ease of Application This product is very easy to use. Just follow the simple instructions that are included in the package and you are on your way with very little fuss. All of the packaging is easy to open and easy to use and there is a set of gloves included for convenience.



Clairol Should Remove their Name


This hair color was very disappointing. I feel that I wasted my money on it. I used it according to directions, yet it did not change the hair color nor did it offer many any grey coverage. As someone with resistant gray this is my biggest reason for coloring, so this was a waste of my time. the color also caused a bit of burning to my scalp which I certainly was not expecting. It is easy to use so I will not take that away from it. But, considering that I wasted my time with it this benefit really did not help me out. I thought that I had it rinsed out of my hair, but for there to four washes after this I was washing color out and I noticed my scalp has a reddish color to it. I would not buy this color again and would recommend that you look elsewhere for your hair color. Effectiveness My hair looked the same after I colored it as it did before. Ease of Application It is just as easy to us as any other hair color on the market.

Nashville, TN


Clairol Balsam Color Works For Me


I've used many hair color products over the years, and I like this one very much. My hair looks shiny and vibrant. I'm so glad I changed over. Effectiveness I find this product to be very helpful with covering the gray strands on my head. I will continue to use this color product. Ease of Application Very Easy to apply, not messy.



No, no, no! Ouch and Eww sum up this product perfectly!


I decided to give this a try because the brand is well known and the price was right. I figured I would give it a shot. I have colored my hair for almost fifteen years and used several different brands. I am wishing I would have just left this one on the drugstore shelf! It is a horrible product! Effectiveness I did the standard allergy test the day before using this product, as per the instructions. Everything was just fine, no skin allergy at all. I proceeded to apply this to my hair and still, all was fine. The smell is noxious and worse than any brand or type I have ever used! I had to go outside to even finish applying it. It began to burn my scalp withing 5 minutes and by ten minutes it was so painful I had to simply wash it out. I couldn't stand the pain any longer! My scalp was very sore up to a week after the application! Ease of Application Due to the strong chemical smell, It was quite a difficult task to even finish applying this product!



Clairol Balsam Color, Dark Brown #615

3.0 5