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Claire's Claires eyeshadow Palette

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Not as bad if you use it damp but without water it's too weak


I tend to use most of my eyeshadows damp to get the most color out of them and I love the metallic tones this pallet has so I had some high hopes that fell very short. Even wet this shadow crumbles badly and flakes off too much, it doesn't blend well and once it dries it lightens to a point where there's no point in wearing it. I know this was probably made with teens in mind but even so this is just terrible eyeshadow that has no color value at all and is a waste of money. I tried it over a dark shadow before to see if I could use it as a glittery sort of shine over other color but it wouldn't stick well with the other shadows and didn't really have enough contrast to show much glitter even against a black background. I would have loved this if the colors had actually be as strong as they look in the pallet but it's basically chalk and little more than that; no worth the price of the hassle.



There was no color only glitter


The Claire's eyeshadow palette looked very nice and had cute packaging but the colors did not show up and it creased in my eyelids. It was very glittery though so I would recommend you buy it if you love glitters.

Trabuco Canyon, CA


Claire's Claires eyeshadow Palette

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