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Airline Mileage Credit Cards
Citi - Platinum Select AAdvantage Visa Signature Card

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Love to earn rewards for American Airlines miles!


This credit card isn't the lowest interest out there, but it is an easy way to earn American Airlines AAdvantage Miles by purchasing the items you need and use everyday with it.  Buy groceries, pay bills, use it to fill your car up with gas - it all goes towards points to earn American Airlines AAdvantage Miles! You usually get a bonus chunk of miles when you first sign up for the card, too.  And, sometimes you can earn bonus miles just for purchasing certain groups of items with your Citi AAdvantage card, like gas and groceries.  When you accumulate enough miles, it is exciting to go on a free plane trip somewhere!  They usually give a pretty fair credit line, too.  (One thing to always remember with any credit card is to use the card in a responsible manner.  Do not overspend and live beyond your means - the spending can add up fast. A lot of people have gotten into trouble with bad debt because of overuse of their credit cards.)

Fayetteville, AR


great card with good benefits and miles


The American Airlines Citibank Platinum Visa is a great credit card, because it gives American Airlines miles just for spending it. In addition, the Visa card is accepted nearly anywhere worldwide as a standard visa card. There are usually bonuses of 25000 or 30000 miles available for opening this card, which gives one enough miles for a free economy class domestic ticket within the United States. On top of that, the availability of American Airlines redemption tickets tops those of any other US airline, in my opinion, so this Visa is particularly useful. The visa also includes other benefits like a personal concierge and car rental insurance. When I had problems with an alleged scratch on the windshield wiper at a Mexico City Thrifty dealer, all I had to do was submit basic information to my Visa card and they took care of the rest; I had a rebate check in a couple days. This card is great, and will help one fly all over the world in no time with a bit of spending.

Trenton, NJ


Citi - Platinum Select AAdvantage Visa Signature Card

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