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Citi - Health Card

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Worse card possible for patients


As a dental provider I do not endorse this company. They do not take care of the providers or the patients with care and honesty. They loose paperwork and then blame the provider or customer



should have gone to a loan shark


Do not get this loan if you think you might have an emergency that stops you from paying full amount in a year. I borrowed $1800 and at the end of the year that I made payments I owed $2200. In other words I paid 600 dollars in interest on an 1800 dollar loan.



No record of me having the card means I dont pay the bill, right


I signed up for the Citi Health card because I needed to get braces and it was the credit card that the doctor's office said "we will take care of the interest for the first 14 months".  So I got the card and charged my braces to it. I calculated what my monthly payment would be to pay it off in 13 months, with out including the interest. So, why when I tried to make my final payment did they add an additional $750 to my card for "interest that I acrewed over the last 14 months"? When I asked them to remove it since I was making the final payement and closing the account, they refused- rudely. I called customer service several times trying to access my account online so I could make extra payments in attempts to be rid of this horrid card, and customer service, after taking my social security number, says I have never had an account with them!  So I asked them when I got my next bill if I could just ignore it since they have no record of me.....and that was met with mumbling and "um, I dont think so" and "I think you should still pay it". So here it is, the day after Xmas, and I am trying to give myself a little present by yet again trying to pay off this card and what do you know!  I called customer service to make an over-the -phone payment because I still can't get online to pay it there, and they say again I have never had an account with them! That is followed up with "here is another number you can call to see if they have any record of your account".  If customer service doesn't have a record of my account, I hope the number that they gave me is to some one that does not have an accent and who can actually locate my account. I will NEVER enroll in another Citi product ever in my life...not that they would have a record of the fact that I ever did....

Stafford, VA


Citi - Health Card

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