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Citi - AT&T Univeral Savings & Rewards MasterCard

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Poor customer service


AT&T Universal Card raised my interest rate which invariably increased my minimum payment due.  I called them about this and indicated that I felt it was unfair.  In return, I paid the new minimum payment due, however, they did not lower my interest rate.  They also removed my available credit.  I felt this was unfair because I have never been late on my payments and I always, always pay at least $20.00 over the minimum payment.  Sometimes, I even double the payments each month. Therefore, I feel AT&T is only out to make money on their credit card clients.  As a result, my goal is to pay off the entire balance and never used this card again. Thank you.

Lansing, MI


Citi - AT&T Univeral Savings & Rewards MasterCard

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