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Cisco Wirless-N Router

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Loved the Easy Set-up.


This router was very easy to set up. I appreciated how effortlessly the secure connention was to do. Performance It is preforming as well as my old Linksys router. Cannot tell that the N reaches further. Durability Just hope it lasts as many years and moves as my old Linksys. Setup & Ease of Use So much easier to set up than the old one. Everything was spelled out well. Service & Support I have never used service or support.



Great for the home office.


I bought this router to replace a Cisco Linksys BEFSR41 that was driving me crazy. It was a good old router, but it was way out of warranty and I was having to buy the phone service every year because it kept needing to update the MAC address every time the power went out and I kept forgetting all the steps. The E1200 has brought me into the 21st Century with my sanity intact. It was an excellent buy and the only trouble I've had with it is that my a few of my wireless devices want me to reenter SID and password information if I haven't used them in a month or two. That's not such a bad thing. Performance My laptop that is plugged into an ethernet port has never had a problem with the connection. Even after a power outage the most I can expect to have to do is unplug and replug the 10/100 USB adapter. The E1200 is perfectly fine. However, the wireless units sometimes have to have their connections reset. This is not an uncommon scenario with wireless routers in general though so I can't complain. Durability This sleek little thing has been knocked off its end table more times than I can count and never sustained so much as a scratch. It's never had anything spilled on it though, so I can't speak to that. Setup & Ease of Use This is the easiest setup I've ever performed. Even my old beloved Motorola Surfboard from the college days wasn't this easy to set up. Once you've gone through the no-brainer steps from the included CD, you just use the connection. That's it. I have yet to have any need to visit my router's IP address for any reason. Service & Support Cisco's service isn't half bad. This unit was a refurb bought directly from the company, so there was only 6 months of warranty included on it. But you can buy 6 months to 1 year units of over the phone service from the company for a reasonable price, and my previous experience with them is that, barring a hardware failure, they can walk you through the steps to get your router working again.

Tampa, FL


Cisco Wirless-N Router

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