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Circulon Infinite Cookware

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Beautiful set, life time guaranty


This set gives you every piece you need, able to put in oven up to 400 degrees. Cleans so easy, even when leaving food in it overnight. Can use metal that is not pointed in it, because it has been layered better than any pan or pot ive ever used. This is the.best heavy duty set ive ever used. Lifetime guaranty.

Sherri, Florida


Circulon Infinite Skillet 10in/12in skillet set


After I decided that it was time to replace my non-stick pans, I researched and decided to purchase the Circulon Infinite Hard Anodized Nonstick Skillet set ( comes with a 10 inch and 12 inch). My previous pans had put doubt about their longevity in my mind the second I saw them- one had a dent on the side and the other had a tiny bubble under the teflon on the rim. I would have returned them if it hadn't been for the discount the retailer offered instead of a return of the items. The pans didn't last 2 years. After the first year, the non-stick was already gone or chipping. When I saw the Circulon pans I couldn't help but anticipate the long years I would use these pans and felt a bit proud that I had found THE pan, or pans. First off, these pans, unlike most non-stick pans, are dishwasher safe! If that's not enough to convince you, they are the best non-stick pans I've ever used. Hand-washing wouldn't even be a problem to begin with. They're oven safe up to 500 degrees. The only thing I would note is that like most non-stick pans, you can't use high heat on the stove. I would recommend these pans to anyone looking to purchase non-stick pans.

montebello, CA


Circulon Infinite is a quality product


Circulon Infinite is a quality product. The thick layered bottom and polished rounded handle have made this my nonstick pan of choice in 8 and 10 inch versions. The nonstick coating has remained effective after multiple uses. It looks like a longterm product. I appreciate its compatability with induction cooktops. I will be moving to induction this year. The impending move from a ceran glass equipped range to an induction unit has led me to also more carefully evaluate frying pans. I  hoped for a nonstick alternative without perflourooctanoic acid. Earth Pan and Swiss Diamond are very expensive. I am now using de Buyer Carbone Plus carbon steel crepe pans as my first choice for nonstick frying and sauteing. The 30cm is my favorite. A simple procedure for seasoning and I was off and cooking. These carbon steel traditional (since 1830) French restaurant grade pans additionally are an improvement in two other areas. They make my ceran top more responsive. And anything is an improvement. They create the browning Maillard effect and add flavor to the food. This is a signifigant capability which has been a quick jump in my cooking skills. So, while the circulons are excellent pans, they sit in the cupboard more and more because of the de Buyer.

Rochester, MI


Wow! Truly the Best Ever!


This is the best set I could have ever owned. After spending tons of money on finding the best set (non-stick) I couldn't be happier!! My husband even enjoys cooking in this set! I even wrote a blog post on my lovely set! http://www.ajeweledlife.com/2010/10/review-circulon-no-more-sticky-icky.html

Beachwood, OH


Best set of pots and pans I have ever owned!!


I bought 2 open stock items of this cookware on sale.  The first potI had a locking lid and holes for straining.. I also got a roasting pan with a removable rack.  I had used the roasting pan when my mom was visiting and thinking I was going to have to soak the pan because I had made bbq ribs in it I started running water in it.. the stuff started sliding off the pan with no effort what so ever!!!  I have never seen a pan clean up so fast!  I decided to try the other pan I bought and it had the same thing happen..  I hate HATE pans that stuff sticks to like glue.  This set is not one of those.. You will love it!!  The pans also are very heavy quality and have a stainless steal plate on the bottom which helps with even heating.  They also have "helper handles" that stay cool while you are cooking.. The one downside to this set is it doesn't have see through lids.  If they sold them separately I would buy them... Even so..  Try the Infinite Circulon pans, you will not be sorry.  

Springfield, IL


Circulon Infinite Cookware

4.8 5