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Pasta Sauce, Pesto
Cibo Naturals
Cibo Naturals New Basil Pesto

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This pesto is smack your best friend good!


**This product in a nutshell: **is so unbelieveably delicious.  I love pasta and probably every type of pasta sauce from mild & meatless to spicy & saucy.  A good pesto sauce is hard to come by as I really like mine to pack a flavor punch right in the mouth! My local grocery store has a refrigerated section that mostly contains unique gourmet items like cheeses, specialty salads, and sauces.  **Cibo Naturals New Basil Pesto **comes in a small plastic tub.  I normally buy them two or three a time to use with an entire box of spaghetti.  This sauce is incredibly easy to make.  Just toss a tub or two into a saucepan and simmer.  I normally serve it with whole wheat spaghetti.  However, I have recently tried it spread of french bread and it was so delicious and robust.  Great appetizer! The flavor of this pesto is unlike anything I have ever tasted because it is so rich and powerful!  The basil taste is not too strong and it is evenly blended with the garlic in the sauce.  My number one complaint about pesto is that it can be too greasy if there is an overload of extra-virgin olive oil, but **Cibo Naturals New Basil Pesto **has a delicious texture that is not too oily.  Another ingredient that sets this product apart from others is almond.  Yes, almond!  It is chopped up really fine, but I can taste a slight nuttiness coming through the punch of the basil.  I really like it and I think it adds to the flavor quite a bit.  **I give this product 5/5 stars because: **it is all-natural and delicious.  I would not change one thing about it and would recommend it to anyone who loves pesto.

Mentor, OH


Cibo Naturals New Basil Pesto

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