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Christian Dior
Christian Dior Anticerne Perfecteur Long Wearing Moisturizing Concealer

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Does a good job of concealing.


I tried this Dior Concealer on at a department store before purchasing it. The salesclerk showed me how to blot it around my eyes. She used quite a bit more than I had ever used, so I think just knowing the amount I should be using made a big difference. This conceals the dark circles under my eyes very well, and I would give it a 10 for that. However, it does settle in the wrinkles around my eyes in a very short amount of time. I blot it several times while wearing it to smooth it out of my wrinkles. It doesn't really seem to hydrate the skin around my eyes either. I have started using a thick moisturizer for eyes before I apply the concealer. I use it to conceal various marks on my face, and it also works very well to cover them. It is a long lasting product. It is on the expensive side, but I think it is worth it to have a product that can actually conceal the dark circles under my eyes.



This is a super moisturising product


This is a super product to cover dry skin. I have used it for years on problem areas, under eyes, sides of my nose, outer corners of my eyes and it has stayed put and offered fresh, natural coverage. I have recommeded it to people who have serious skin problems and it has worked wonders for them too. The older version of the product was better, it had more choice of colours and was better value for money (larger tube) however, I haven't found any other product that doesn't dry out the delicate skin under my eyes. I think this product is in a class of its own but it is very expensive. Try before you buy, go to the Dior counter and ask for sample, or try it then and there, you will be impressed by its immediate results

Boston, MA


This makes me look like less of a zombie.


When I got married three years ago, I went to a beauty counter and asked someone to make me up so that I could decide what I'd wear for the big day.  My main concern was my under-eye circles.  I was introduced to Dior concealer and I haven't looked back.  Unlike drugstore concealers (which I'd been using up until then), the concealer is creamy and thick enough that your skin gets a good coverage.  It isn't overly thick so that it pulls on your delicate skin when dotted on, but thick enough that it doesn't feel like you're rubbing paint and water over an imperfection.  The scent is light enough that I hardly notice it, and the color is a good match for my skin.  It's been especially useful after having a baby and having really big circles.  The only thing I don't much like about this concealer is the price tag, because we're on a bit of a budget.  However, I'm spending my birthday gift money on it because I just can't go back to Covergirl.

Whitmore Lake, MI


Not worth the price tag.


I love the Dior makeup line overall, so was interested in trying this concealer.  I'm happy to pay more for a quality product, but was very disappointed with this concealer as it's expensive, to emollient and doesn't last. Best for cold weather climates and for a short period of time if you have dry skin.

Delray Beach, FL


Christian Dior Anticerne Perfecteur Long Wearing Moisturizing Concealer

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