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Sore Throat Relief
Chloraseptic Warming Sore Throat Spray

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Great throat spray.


I usually buy the mint or the cherry Chloraseptic spray when I have a sore throat, but this one interested me because it has a warming effect and because it has a honey lemon flavor. This Chloreaseptic spray is great because it's alcohol, asprin, and sugar free. It works amazing at numbing my throat, and helping to relieve my coughs. The honey lemon flavor tastes a lot better then the cherry flavor that they have. It also works better at getting rid of my coughs because it has lemon and honey in it. I also like that it has a warming effect because instead of having to drink tea you can just spray this into your throat and it has a similar effect. The only downside I have to the Chloraseptic spray is that isn't very long lasting and I find myself spraying it into my throat a lot throughout the day. It also can only be used every 2 hours. If you use it more then that it seems to become ineffective. This is great for people who can't have a lot of sugar or have diabetes. Even if you can I would still recommend it. Congestion Relief It helps to get rid of the mucus stuck in my throat when I'm sick. It also helps slightly with chest congestion but I wouldn't say too much overall. Chest Congestion Relief I don't feel like it's meant to get rid of chest congestion but I feel like it helps with it slightly. It makes it easier to breathe because it warms my throat and has a honey flavor in it. It numbs my throat and makes it easier to cough any mucus up. Relief of Aches & Pains Chloraseptic isn't meant to deal with the relief of aches and pains. The only pains it helps to get rid of are the pains of a sore scratchy throat. Cough Suppression Chloraseptic is amazing at suppressing coughs and soothing my throat. I feel like this one works a lot better because it has honey in it which is amazing for sore throats. The warming effects is also great for cough suppression.

Stroudsburg, PA


Chloraseptic Warming Sore Throat Spray gives temporary relief.


Now is the cough and cold season, so checking out new products, is a great way to see what works. I bought a bottle of Chloraseptic Warming Sore Throat Spray a few weeks back, and only just needed it. I initially thought that it was allergies, but when my scratchy throat, and sneezing continued, I knew it was more. The Chloraseptic bottle is 6 fluid ounce (177 ml), and the flavor I have is Honey Lemon. It is sugar free. It contains 1.87% alcohol. The spray is right at the front, so I took off the clean plastic cap, aimed it into my mouth, and sprayed. I could smell the lemon, felt the warm from the spray, and the numbness in the back of my throat. It says to leave on the back of the throat and then spit out. I can't spray enough as there is nothing to spit out. It works for a short period of time. It can be used every 2 hours. This will be passed over to Len, as it is sugar free, and he is diabetic. I will continue with my regular cherry flavored one. Congestion Relief Can't rate as it is for a sore throat. Chest Congestion Relief Can't rate as it is for a sore throat. Relief of Aches & Pains Can't rate as it is for a sore throat. Cough Suppression Helps with sore throat and cough.

New Port Richey, FL


Chloraseptic Warming Sore Throat Spray

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