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Chloe Perfume

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Chloe Perfume is terrible.


Chloe Perfume comes in at the top of my list of perfumes that should have never been made.This is not the worst perfume I have ever had the displeasure of smelling.It is no less awful though.It has a very heavy and overpowering smell of roses.i did not like it in the bottle and it gets even worse when worn.My first thought after putting it on was the word stop.The perfume gives off one note roses,roses and more roses.I hate it.I find it to smell cheap boring and classless.The scent is so overwhelming It permeates your mouth. It made me feel like I ate it.The sad part is this perfume is long lasting.It is very hard to rid yourself of the smell .I could not wash it away I had to use alcohol to get it all off

Dayton, OH


A classic


This perfume that I've been using for many years. It has a very classic scent to it. I think it's also a very sexy scent. I basically have two fragrances that I use, and the other one is lighter and more of a daytime perfume, while this one is great for evening wear. I often get comments on it when I wear it, and people often ask me what it is. One thing that I really like about it, is that the scent really seems to last. With a lot of perfumes, I feel like shortly after I put them on, I can barely notice any fragrance on myself anymore. But Chloe perfume really seems to linger, not an overpowering way, but just in a long-lasting way. I've occasionally bought the gift sets, which will include body lotion, and I find that the body lotion also lasts amazingly long. So it's a good way to layer the fragrance, and really feel like that even if you wear it all day, people will still be able to notice the fragrance at the end of the day.

Clovis, CA


A Lovely Scent for Any Occasion!


This perfume is definitely one of my favorite perfumes ever because of it's distinctive, ultra feminine scent. I can't exactly pinpoint what it smells like but I definitely get a lovely light rose scent mixed with other florals. It's the kind of perfect perfume that you can use when going to work, going out with your girlfriends, AND for when you go out on a date - very versatile! You can also use it year round as it isn't a typical "summer" or "winter" fragrance. I loved this perfume so much that I have also bought it several times as gifts for my aunt, mom, and friends - all also love it. One of the best parts about this perfume is its awesome staying power. I only have to spritz once on either side of my neck and voila! It stays on for the entire work day (at the very least). In the winter, the scent even lingers in my scarf which I love. I would highly recommend this perfume for any woman!

Oakland Gardens, NY


Chloe Perfume is one of my favorites!


Chloe Perfume is one of my favorites, and has been for years.  It's been around a long time, and smells just as good now as ever to me.  The scent is long lasting, too.  I tend to use it sparingly because I want the bottle to last as long as possible, lol.  I love the gift sets that have the bigger bottle plus the smaller purse size so I can take it with me to refresh occasionally during the day.  I don't remember ever seeing a roll-on version, but I'd love that so I wouldn't have to worry as much about leaks in my purse. Chloe is a bit expensive, in my opinion, but most of the time I put it on my gift lists for birthdays, Mother's Day, and Christmas.  That way, it's something special that others can get for me that they know I want and love!  And it's fairly easy to find in the stores. Oh, I use other perfumes, too, but Chloe is and has been a favorite, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. :)

Indianapolis, IN


Not that great, smells like dryer sheets


I bought this perfume because of the rave reviews I read online. I was so excited to tear open the box and smell this supposedly awesome perfume that exceeds expectations.  I opened the box and smelled what seemed to be like an 90-year-old lady's powder room. Thinking I must have been sleep deprived, I continued being excited while opening the perfume. I sprayed the perfume on a sheet of paper, and then on my bed. What I smelled was one of the worst perfumes I have ever smelled. It is an assault on your nose. The top notes are that of an 90-year-old lady's powder room, deep musk, and chemicals. The perfume dies down to the scent of dryer sheets--not just one dryer sheet, but 90 dryer sheets. The perfume is horribly overwhelming and does not smell pleasant at all.  Being such an overpriced and from a reputable brand, I would have expected this perfume to not smell like old ladies and dryer sheets. I can't even place an age range on this perfume, but it is definitely not for those 13-54. Perhaps a lady in her 90s will appreciate this scent. Despite all of these cons, this perfume lasts long (approx. 8 hours) and definitely has an unforgettable scent. 

Washington, DC


Chloe Narcisse -- an exotic perfume


Take a whiff of the Orient when you spray this perfume. There are definitely scents of vanilla, spice, and sandalwood. What saves it from smelling like a cedar chest, though, is the floral top note. There are a lot of flower scents in this perfume. It all blends together in a sweet, sulty perfume. Chloe Narcisse also comes in attractive packaging -- you've got to love the tulip perfume topper. The company even goes so far as the make the stick inside the perfume green, taking the flower motif one step further. This is not a perfume for the faint of heart -- nor would it be great in the summer. I like to wear it in the winter. Something about the woodsy, spicy notes go well with a sweater. This is a great perfume to buy in a gift set. It wears especially well when you mix it with the lotion. I also like to layer it with a greener-smelling lotion to give it a different depth. I love this exotic fragrance.

Denver, CO


My favorite scent of all time!


I have been wearing this scent off and on for some time.  Everytime I try something different I always come back to this scent.  I like that Lagerfeld makes it as I love the Lagerfeld that my husband wears and find that this scent compliments his nicely.  It doesn't linger too long, is not overpowering, and is quite intoxicating.  This is a nice addition to daytime or evening wear.  This is a very sexy scent that is fresh, calming, timeless, intoxicating, and just makes you feel good inside.  I would say the only drawback to this would be the price (sometimes!).  I haven't found that it is easy to find in the stores so you are at the mercy of online shopping most of the time.  Some of the places I have found it have been quite reasonable and others have been downright outrageous with their pricing.  If you do a search on the item sometimes you will also find coupon codes that can be used for this product which brings the price down quite considerably.  No matter where you purchase this item - you will be happy with it and should last you some time.

Houston, TX


Chloe perfume is feminine to the point of perfection


Chloe perfume is feminine to the point of perfection. I bought it last year and God what a wonderful smell . Its scent very fresh and i must say that this is an extremely feminine perfume.I don't know much about the Chloe band but this perfume is enough to give this brand a looooot of credit .If you want to have an idea about it . Well it smells like flowers , and spring and is still very classy . It's not the fresh/spring kind of  scent like Escada but very discreet and so calming .It does linger for some time , you might have to spray it like twice a day if you want it to stay a little longer . If you are too sure to buy you can always request a sample of your choice and try it out before you can make any purchase . The price of this perfume is a little high but its worth every penny because this is  definitely in the Top Ten  for best women fragrances of all time in line with Dolce Gabbana's the One , Chanel n 5,...... 

North Tonawanda, NY


chole perfume is the best perfume thats on the market in a long


chloe perfume is the kind of frarance that all kids of woman will love even young girls will like to wear .it is a sweet smelling perfume thats been on the market in a long time. one day my husband went to work for a woman and she had lot of perfume and asked him if he was married and he said yes so she gave him a bottle to give to me to try and i did i love it so much that i stop useing everything else . and when my granddaugthers came oner for the weekend they tryed it and love it to .there ages are  14,13,10,9 and my granddaugther the nine yearold beg me for it because she love the smell so much at first i didnot want to give it to her ,buti did now she uses everyday.

King George, VA


Chloe perfume smells so good


What can i say about this perfume? if you want to smell like a sophisticated lady, this is the perfume to get. It is not too strong, but definitely not light. It is very powerful and strong but in a discreet way? Not overpowering. It smells delicious. Let me start off by saying I can not stand the smell of perfumes. They give me a headache, I do not even have to be wearing the perfume, the person next to me can wear a perfume, and i will feel dizzy. I do not know why. So I do not necessarily have much experience with perfumes, but my sister had this perfume, and i absolutely fell in love with it. It smells divine. I went out and purchased a bootle for myself. It is classy. I wear it for special occasions and never get headaches. I do not wear it everyday, but hey you can totally get away with it being your signature scent. It just smells happy, charming, delighful. ow can you have a bad day wearing this? its liek aeromatheraphy, will lighten up your day. wonderful.

San Bernardino, CA


Chloe Perfume

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