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Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover's Soul Dry Food

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My cat loves this!


I recently purchased Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul Adult Cat Formula for my cat to see how she liked it. The ingredients in the food are much higher quality in comparison to what you normally see. It has fresh meat, potatoes, carrots, and peas. I was skeptical if my cat would like the food due to the vegetables in it. Well, my cat LOVES this stuff. My cat immediately finishes her bowl of this food then meows at me to give her more. I am happy knowing she really loves a food that is actually healthy for her. I have noticed a change in her energy levels. She is playing and running around more than she was previously. This food will definitely be purchased again! I recommend this product! My cat loves it, it is much healthier than other brands, and it gives my cat much more energy. Quality of Ingredients Online it states: "Contains Fresh, Never Frozen, Chicken and Salmon with Potatoes, Duck, Turkey, Carrots, and Peas". There are not just a bunch of fillers in this food and the ingredients are high quality. Flavor Selection So far I have only purchased one flavor for my cat but she LOVES it so I don't even know if I will buy the other flavors.




Impressive Holistic Ingredients


A list of impressive ingredients does not equal an impressive product. Diamond has been involved in more pet food recalls than any other brand and it never stops in spite of how many times they make yet another claim of good intentions to manufacture healthy, safe pet food. Using this brand of pet food or any non-Diamond brand that is outsourced to this company for manufacture is comparable to playing Russian Roulette. Just keep on pulling the trigger (using this food) and the gun will go off and it will be your pets and you who will suffer the consequences. The 2012 Spring Diamond pet food re-call affected both me and my pets. We became sick before the re-call ever took place and my Vet didn't know to consider possible Salmonella poisoning and I thought I had a case of superflu. When pet food isn't adequately tested before it gets out on the market, much of the damage is done before it's ever found out, that is, if it ever is found out. And yes, my cats as well as my dogs liked the Chicken Soup line of pet food and yes, I thought I was feeding them a good quality holistic food based on the impressive list of ingredients and the impressive positive reviews of this food. However, reviews do not include any evaluation of the manufacturing process nor are you told if the ingredients are human food grade or substandard. Would you eat food that's made by a company that has been in as many re-calls as Diamond? Would you feed it to your human baby? So why do you feed it to your pets? Do you know that you and your family including your children can also become sick just by handling Salmonella contaminated food? Don't risk the health of your pets or the health of you and your family. Stay away from any Diamond brand or any other brand that is outsourced to Diamond for manufacture.


Steele, AL


Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul - A Good Change!!


We have 3 cats, one of which has ongoing medical problem.  Along with a heart murmur, he is easily stressed and exhibits digestive problems.  Because of this, he began throwing up daily.  At that point, we were feeding Iams Easy Digestive formula, but our Vet suggested a change of food to Science Diet and gave us a trial package.  Upon leaving, I quickly priced the new food and was shocked to see just how much we were going to spend feeding 3 cats this new food.   Yes, it was initially for the vomiting boy, but I've never been successful in limiting food from one cat to the other.....it just doesn't work that way.  I decided to educate myself on cat food ingredients and saw that even the new Science Diet food wasn't really what we were looking for.  After a lot of reading, I decided to try Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul.  I was impressed with the list of ingredients and could not discern any filler-type ingredients, no corn-based ingredients.....just healthy meat, veggies and fruit.  I can say that not only has this food seemingly settled the vomiters stomach and reduced episodes to rare occasions, all 3 cats have lost weight and are exhibiting healthier traits.  All of our cats are more active, actually sleep less and are much more associative with us and our house guests.  A change for the good...that's for sure.


Alpena, MI


Great cat food, fantastic price


The price of this cat food is absolutely fantastic when you compare it to other premium cat food brands. The value and nutrition of the food is just phenomenal when you compare it to cat foods around the same price per pound. There are no byproducts or corn, wheat, or soy in the food, things that should be absolutely avoided in pet food in general as they are basically devoid of any nutritional value and act as filler. Many pets have trouble digesting corn, wheat, and soy and this can lead to expensive vet bills down the road. And of course, more filler in the pet food means a pet must eat more to get the nutrition and protein they need and more bags of food the owner must buy. There are many sources of protein in this food -- chicken, salmon and to a lesser extent, turkey and duck. Chicken fat is a great source of fat for pet food. All in all, this is definitely a premium pet food at a non-premium price.  


Milpitas, CA


Excellent Quality and Affordable on a Budget!


I was introduced a year ago to the Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul brand cat food.  I had one cat who had an allergy to just about every cat food out there (even eukanuba!).  I did tons of research on pet food and what goes into it.  And just let me tell you I learned a lot.  They basically put discarded stuff into the cheap cat food brands.  Anything that we would not eat our selves goes into it! Do we really want our beloved pets eating food we would not eat ourselves? I for one wouldn't. I painstakingly went through all the brands of food and looked at their ingredients.  Then I researched what kind of diet was best for my cats.  That's when I found Chicken Soup for cats. It has wholesome ingredients, that are natural and good!  And to my surprise it was cheaper than a lot of the other higher priced cat food.  It had all of the same ingredients practically!  So, I tried it on my cats and all 6 gobbled it up right away! They loved it.  Plus, the one cat that I have which has food allergies responded wonderfully to it! Not even prescription cat food helped her!It's definitely easy on the budget as well.  With six cats at home, I am on a tight budget! So I was thrilled to find a high quality cat food that fit my budget!  If you are on a budget and want what's best for your cat, get Chicken Soup for the Cat lover's Soul.  It's nutritious and made with wholesome ingredients that will keep your cats healthy and happy! 


Fort Atkinson, WI


Fantastic Food!


Our three cats, Goober(6), Baad(5) and Hemi(3), were on Iams cat food for years and we thought we were feeding them a good, hight quality food.  I am not trying to knock Iams, but we noticed in the past year or so that their coats were getting dull, and they had more hairballs than they normally did.  The shedding was really bad, also. About six weeks ago we decided to change their diet and did some research on different high quality foods and decided on Chicken Soup For The Pet Lovers Soul.  We bought our first bag and were astounded with the change.  Now our babies have a nice shiny coat, no dander, and much more energy.  The shedding is not an issue anymore either. Goober was slightly overweight for a few years and we knew we needed to find a way to help him trim up.  This food has done the trick.   I have also noticed that the litter box has no odor to speak of, and there is less in there.  The change has been really noticeable.  They play more, chase each other more, which isn't always good, and are acting like younger cats.  They love this stuff. All in all, I would recommend this cat food to any cat owner out there.  It is a little more expensive, but is well worth the cost.


Elyria, OH


High quality ingredients at a (relatively) low price


I am extremely picky about what my cats eat. While I try to feed as much canned or fresh food as possible, my budget requires some dry feeding.  My cats all went crazy the first time I opened a bag of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul.  It is the one food that they all seem to love.  I feel confident in the quality of the ingredients, the ash & magnesium levels are low enough for my cat with urinary issues and it is much cheaper than comparable brands. 


New York, NY


Super, high-quality cat food!


I live with two senior cats and have fed them Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul for at least seven years.  I feed them the "light" variety because one of my cats easily puts on too much weight.  This food was recommeded to me by the owners of my small, local pet supply store after our previous brand was bought by a large national company the the quality of the ingredients went downhill.  One of my cats has lots of digestive problems (aka mega-puker) and this food does not bother her stomach.  The price is higher than grocery store brands but not higher than comparable brands at the pet supply store although it is vastly superior in quality.


Bellingham, WA


Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover's Soul Dry Food

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